Berkeley Coffee Social – Quaint Indie Cafe In Gyeongnidan, Seoul

Berkeley Coffee Social Seoul

Take a walk around Gyeongnidan-gil and you will fall in love with the area instantly. The quiet hood is charming at every turn and surprise after surprise awaits.

The neighbourhood is further up from Itaewon and it is filled with many Indie coffee shops and boutiques, trendy barber, lifestyle shops and local designers. And among them all, one cafe that we really love is Berkeley Coffee Social.

Berkeley Coffee Social

Berkeley Coffee Social isn’t of an impressive scale nor is it particularly outstanding. But we love the space for its homely vibes.

It is where the residents hang out at when they need their morning cuppa or simply a space to work from; it is evident from the crowd. The crowd is a simple one—locals in the most casual outfits, some with laptops, some with their cats.

The humble cafe in the hood roasts and brews coffee from many parts of the world. You know this means that you have to try their Joe.

Berkeley Coffee Social Breakfast

Berkeley Coffee Social also does simple toasts that are a great hit among its patrons. While toasts do not sound like the most exciting thing to eat, know that they are still lovingly prepared with freshly baked bread and hearty homemade spreads. And hey, they do take effort in the presentation too!

The next time you are in Seoul, be sure to drop by Berkeley Coffee Social in Gyeongnidan-gil for a cuppa.

Berkeley Coffee Social
Yongsan Itaewondong 255-32
Seoul South Korea 04344
Tel: +82 2 792 2048

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