Putian Flavor Food – A Hidden Gem Serving Affordable Heng Hwa Delights

Putian Flavour Food Lorong Ah Soo

Putian Flavor Food—not to be confused with the Putien chain of restaurants—is a small, humble restaurant hidden in Lorong Ah Soo which serves authentic and delicious Heng Hwa food from the Fuzhou province in China at a fraction of restaurant prices.

Putian Flavor Food Group Shot

In a nutshell, what you can expect to find in this hidden gem is comforting, light and tasty food at its best. The one dish that you surely must order is the Fried ‘Hing Wa’ Bee Hoon, an umami-packed noodle dish that brilliantly encapsulates the qualities of Heng Hwa cuisine—light, healthy but packs serious flavour.

Putian Flavor Food Exterior

The eatery itself is rather small and can probably only seat 20 people on the inside and 10 to 15 people outside at a time. Nevertheless, service here is pretty efficient so, despite a crowd, you will never have to wait that long for a table.

Putian Flavor Food Menu Collage

Boasting an extensive menu of authentic dishes from Fuzhou—from cold and warm starters to comforting mains—this is the perfect spot for a casual family dinner.

Putian Flavor Food Bee Hoon

A simple dry noodle dish, the Fried ‘Hing Wa’ Bee Hoon (S$5 for small) is a common staple in many restaurants dedicated to Putian-style cooking. The strands of bee hoon were springy and soaked up the briny flavours of the clams and prawns well. The addition of dried seaweed and peanuts added nice umami and textural quality to the dish as well.

For those who find this noodle dish a tad bland or dry, we highly recommend that you add in a dollop of their homemade chilli sauce that you can find in the condiment tray—it really heightens the dish tenfold!

Putian Flavor Food Lor Mee

The ‘Putian’ Lor Mee (S$5 for small) was an absolute showstopper. Served in a rich and creamy broth, the noodles were cooked till soft and the aroma of the soup alone was enough to get us salivating. Besides the noodles, this dish comes chock full of other ingredients such as clams, prawns, mushrooms, pork belly and vegetables.

For a real treat, stir in some of their chilli sauce.

Putian Flavor Food Fried Oyster Egg

For a decent tummy filler, consider the Fried Oyster Egg (S$10). The oysters are plump and fresh and the egg is expertly fried without being oily.

Putian Flavor Food Pig Intestines

When it comes to pig innards, it is either you adore it or regard it with disgust. For us, we absolutely love it to bits and the Halogen Large Intestine (S$8) served here did not disappoint. Braised in a sweet and lightly spiced gravy, the pig intestines were tender and oozing with delicious porky flavours.

Putian Flavor Food
121 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530121
Tel: +65 9225 9418
(Closed on Wednesdays)
Mon to Sun: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Kovan