Soei Restaurant – Casual Restaurant In Bangkok With Mains Below S$10

Soei Restaurant Bangkok

Soei Restaurant is a popular casual dining establishment in Bangkok which has received many good reviews from their loyal customers. Since the place is frequented by both locals and tourists, we decided that we have to give this place a try during our recent trip to Bangkok.

The main appeal of Soei Restaurant lies in its effort in ensuring that all the dishes are up to the restaurant founder, chef P’Soei Kurtcharoen’s high standards. Every dish has to go through him and gain his approval before it is served to guests.

You can expect prices to be affordable at this restaurant, ranging from THB100 to THB150/ for most dishes. Drop by this restaurant for decent Thai food if you happen to be around the area.

Soei Restaurant BKK

It is not advisable to visit Soei if you are in a rush as the food takes some time to be prepared.

Soei Glass Noodles

Our favourite dish of that night was the Stir-Fried Glass Noodle (THB120). Only simple ingredients such as egg, sausage and onions can be found in this dish but the noodles were extremely fragrant and flavourful. This is definitely a must-try dish when you visit Soei Restaurant.

Soei Green Curry With Ribs

There were hits and misses when it came to their Stir-Fried Green Curry With Soft Ribs (THB100). While we loved the rich green curry which came with a spicy kick, the spare ribs were only mediocre and we felt that there are better ones out there.

Even so, we enjoyed having the tasty green curry with white rice—nobody can beat the Thais when it comes to green curry for sure!

Soei Basil Leaves With Frog

Be warned that the spice level for Basil Leaves And Chilli With Frog (THB100) may be slightly intimidating for the average person. The minced frog meat was full-flavoured and had the right amount of seasoning.

If we had to nitpick on something, that would be the overwhelming amount of chilli padi seeds which makes it difficult to enjoy the dish properly.

Soei Deep Fried Pork

We would recommend skipping the Deep-Fried Marinated Pork (THB100). Not only was the portion much smaller as compared to the rest, the meat was overdone which resulted in a dry and tough texture.

Soei Restaurant
Piboonwattana Village, Rama 6 Road
Samsennai, Phayathai
Bangkok, Thailand
Mon to Fri & Sun: 10.30am – 9.30pm
Sat: Closed
Nearest BTS: Ari

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