5 Tips On How To Pick Good Durians Like A Pro

How To Choose Durians

The annual durian season is around the corner and that is the time when durian stalls will be importing many different durian breeds into Singapore from neighbouring countries. With so many durians on offer, consumers are certainly spoilt for choice but are you able to pick the best of the lot?

Granted, most of us are no experts and years of experience plays a huge part in learning how to differentiate the durians. Yet as consumers, we should also equip ourselves with basic knowledge so that we will not be highly dependent on durian sellers.

Here Are 5 Easy Tips On How To Pick Good Durians Like A Pro.

Green Skin Durians


Durians are strong in odour by nature and it intensifies when the fruit ripens. Take a whiff along the lines of the durian, where the spikes run parallel. If you hardly smell anything or have to take a few sniffs, that means that the durian is unripe.

If the fruit exudes an overpowering scent, that durian is probably overripe. What you want is a balance that is neither too raw nor too strong.

Basket Of Durians


Keep a lookout for durians that come in irregular or oblong shapes as their meat is usually more aromatic and creamier in comparison with round durians. Perfectly shaped durians may have more chambers inside which results in more flesh-covered seeds but the meat is usually less fleshy.

Gourd King Durians


Take a closer look at the durian stem. Durians that are days old have stems that are darker in colour as compared to freshly dropped durians with their green stems. Do not purchase durians that are missing their stalks, as the durian sellers may be trying to pass off poor quality durians as good ones.



Depending on the variety of fruit, durians come in various types of colours as well. The best way to tell if the fruit is ripe is to get the durian sellers to cut open the durians.

Mao Shan Wang comes in a bright yellow shade; XO and D24 have pale yellow skins; D13′s flesh is normally deep burnt orange in colour and Red Prawn is orangey-red. For certain breeds, a redder shade usually indicates more sweetness.

Durian Stall


If all else fails, you can still fall back on the expert’s opinion. Most of the durian sellers have been in this trade for many years and they are extremely knowledgeable on this subject.

Some of them are able to share more about where the durians came from since they know which plantation and tree those durians came from. Who knows, you may be able to pick up a tip or two from them!

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