8 Durian Delivery Services In Singapore All Durian Lovers Need To Know

Durian Delivery Singapore

You may know all the home meal delivery services in Singapore but do you know that there are durian delivery services as well? Imagine having ripe durians sent to your doorstep when you are craving for it most; that is surely a dream come true for all durian lovers!

Yes, that means you no longer have to head down to the market and source for the durians yourself because all these procedures are done for you. Even your family members who hate the pungent smell of durians stinking up the car do not have to put up with that ordeal anymore.

Here are 8 Durian Delivery Services In Singapore You Need To Know.

Durian Culture

Photo Credit: Durian Culture


The founder of Durian Culture started the business with just one lorry and a truckload of durians in 1969. Today, the durian delivery company is supplying to major retail outlets and supermarkets in Singapore.

They supply two kinds of durians—Mao Shan Wang and D24. The former is sold at S$30/kg and the latter at S$20/kg.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$200 and above. Otherwise, it is S$40 per trip.

Tel: +65 9180 1080

Durian Garden

Photo Credit: Durian Garden


Inspired by his own experience of wanting good durians delivered to his doorstep, the owner of Durian Garden started his own durian delivery service in Singapore. You can choose from a range of durian species such as Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, D13, Red Prawn and XO.

Durian prices fluctuate according to the season so it is best to check their Facebook page or call them for more details.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$120 and above. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate delivery fee of S$15.

Tel: +65 9799 8873

Da Feng Shou

Photo Credit: Da Feng Shou


Da Feng Shou has been gaining popularity among Singaporeans for offering a decent variety of durian species including Black Thorn (S$45/kg), Golden Phoenix (S$35/kg) and. They do three rounds of delivery in a day so be sure to pick your preferred slot early before it gets full!

Delivery Details: see their Facebook page for prices.

Tel: +65 8184 4333

Fruit Monkeys

Photo Credit: Fruit Monkeys


If you are feeling too lazy to visit their physical outlet, call up the staff at Fruit Monkeys and they will have the King of Fruits delivered to your location.

The current durian species they are offering now are D13 (S$16/kg), Tekka (S$25/kg), Old Tree Signature Musang (S$32/kg) and XO (S$25/kg).

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$180 and above.

Tel: +65 9145 2860

Hao Chi Durians

Photo Credit: Hao Chi Durians


Besides having two stores in Singapore, Hao Chi Durians also provides various online platforms for customers to place their orders—mainly via their Facebook page, Foodpanda and WhatsApp. Talk about convenience!

This coming durian season, Hao Chi Durians is stocking up on Mao Shan Wang (S$26/kg), Golden Phoenix (S$24/kg), Red Prawn (S$16/kg), D24 (S$14/kg) and D13 (S$12/kg).

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders above 10kg. Otherwise, they charge S$15 for orders below 6kg and S$5 for orders between 6kg to 10kg.

Tel: +65 9699 6106

Jojo Durian

Photo Credit: Jojo Durian


When it comes to the best durian delivery services, not many can beat Jojo Durian. Offering durians that come dehusked and wrapped in a lovely packaging, they even add in a pack of coconut water, hand gloves and tissue paper together with your order.

There are three varieties of durians you can get from Jojo Durian—Red Prawn Durian Set (S$38.90), Mao Shan Wang Durian Set (S$89.90) and D24 Durian Set (S$59.90).

Delivery Details: two sets of durian is the minimum order for delivery.

Tel: +65 9425 8515

Wonderful Durian

Photo Credit: Wonderful Durian


Wonderful Durian has their own durian farms in Terentai, Malaysia so that they can control the quality of their durians and give only the best to their customers. Pick among D24 (S$12), Red Prawn (S$12), Mao Shan Wang (S$18) and more.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$100 and above. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate delivery fee of S$20.

Tel: +65 6747 0191

227 Katong Durian

Photo Credit: 227 Katong Durian


Managed by the team behind 227 Katong Durian stall along East Coast Road, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the durian varieties they offer. Expect to indulge in Mao Shan Wang (S$28/kg), Golden Phoenix (S$25/kg), Green Bamboo (S$18/kg) and others.

Besides durians, 227 Katong Durian is also a one stop destination where you can get a range of other fruits and vegetables too. If you are going to host a fruits party anytime soon, you know who to call.

Delivery Details: free delivery for orders above S$200. Otherwise, there is a flat-rate delivery fee of S$30. Reservations must be made one day in advance.

Tel: +65 9751 4828

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