Uncle Ringo Goes To Punggol Bazaar From Now Until 25 June

Uncle Ringo Punggol

Uncle Ringo—Singapore’s favourite amusement and theme park—is happening at Punggol Bazaar from now until 25 June 2017.

With adulthood creeping up on most of us, fun is often something we take for granted. But let us not allow ourselves to fall into the endless cycle of monotonous routines and instead, unleash our inner child at Singapore’s favourite carnival—Uncle Ringo.

This time, Uncle Ringo is making its appearance at the Punggol Bazaar. Be prepared for heaps of good food, carnival games and rides that you can have a go at.

Happening from now until 25 June 2017, the Punggol Bazaar can be easily located as it sits just next to Exit D of Punggol MRT, right opposite Waterway Point.

Begin your evening by digging into the countless rows of food stalls. Most of the food items come in sizeable portions but to enjoy more varieties, it’s better to share them with friends. Here is what we had!

Punggol Bazaar Apam Power

#1 Appam with assorted fillings and syrups

Being the Singaporeans that we are, we decided to start with the longest queue in the whole bazaar—Apam Balik Power. For the uninitiated, Appam is an Indian-style pancake that is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.

There were many toppings to choose from—sweet corn, Nutella, banana, peanut. Feel free to mix and match to your preference.

We had the pisang (banana) and Nutella option (S$4). Buttery, crispy, sweet and definitely something you might need an hour on the treadmill to burn off.

Punggol Bazaar Hipster Mix Collage

#2 Instagram-worthy puddings

‘Hipster Mix’ is a stand that sells colourful puddings in adorable containers. They even have a Minions one that is flavoured with sweet corn.

We got the paddle pop flavoured pudding (S$6) just because it was rather pretty to look at. Not really worth the price, but it sure livened up our Instagram feeds.

Punggol Bazaar Twist Potato

#3 Twister fries on steroids

Twist potatoes are available at most, if not all bazaars around but we just had to get it because it is that delicious. Crispy potato that comes in twirls, with your choice of seasoning—piping hot, crispy and utterly delicious.

We chose to get ours with cheese which cost us just S$3. Pretty worth it considering how filling it was.

Punggol Bazaar Drinks

#4 Quench your thirst with old-school beverages

All the walking and eating really worked up a thirst, but instead of the more hip drinks available, why not settle for the classic bazaar staples—such as iced blueberry, iced rose and iced honeydew just to cite a few. A sizeable cup like that only cost us S$1 each!

Punggol Bazaar Tutu Kueh

#5 Blueberry Tutu Kueh

Tutu kueh is also another generic food item that can be found at most bazaars, but what drew us to ‘Chub Tutu’ was the fact that he introduced blueberry as a filling instead of the usual coconut.

It really was an interesting combination. The tangy blueberry coupled with the chewy tutu kueh almost made it feel as though we were chewing on gummy candies. Not joking. Get yours at only S$3.

Punggol Bazaar Daging Bau

#6 Bao-werful Baos 

Combining the fresh elements of a taco and the savouriness of a kong bak pau, the Deng Deng Gula Pau (S$7 for 2) from ’T.I.T’ is definite must-try at the Punggol bazaar.

Deng Deng (the halal version of bakwa) is sandwiched between soft steamed buns and topped with fresh salsa, cilantro and a homemade garlic aioli. But stay away from the spicy version if you are not a fan of spice because the spicy bun includes bird’s eye chilli and it is insanely spicy.

Punggol Bazaar Chicken Skewers

#7 Winner winner chicken dinner

Nothing beats a good old fried chicken, but doing it with tandoori spices instead of the usual seasonings just elevates it tenfold.

We tried a mixture of chicken skewers (S$5 for 3) ranging from boneless chicken thighs, chicken backsides and chicken gizzards from ‘Mr. Tandoori Steak’. Do not be thrown off by the odd combination because the tandoori spices and the crispy exterior does incredibly well to mask the taste.

Uncle Ringo Carnival Collage


Right after you fill up your hungry tummies, have fun at the many carnival attractions and rides at Uncle Ringo that sits right outside the Punggol Bazaar.

Starting at S$5, you can try your hand at a wide variety of exciting carnival games. Serious professionals may even stand to walk home with life-size plushies!

With a myriad of different carnival rides—think carousel, pirate ship, bumper car, trampoline bungee and more—both adults and young children can be sure to have an evening of great fun!

Much to our surprise, the Uncle Ringo was almost a full house. A culmination of families, couples and friends, both young and old, coming together to just let loose and have fun was just such a stunning spectacle to witness.

It made us feel a little warm inside seeing how happy those people were with simple pleasures.

The Punggol Bazaar and Uncle Ringo carnival runs from now up till 25 June 2017.

Punggol Bazaar x Uncle Ringo
Daily: 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Punggol (Exit D)