7 Best Cities In Taiwan To Include In Your Itinerary

best cities taiwan

What do you first think of when someone mentions Taiwan? For most foreigners, the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper is the first thing that comes into their minds. However, there is so much more to do and see besides marvelling at the grandeur of Taiwan’s tallest landmark!

Taiwan is one of our favourite Asian countries and the island-country is famous for its inviting hot springs, impressive mountains and bustling night markets. From Chiayi, Hualien, Taipei to Tainan, here are 7 Best Cities In Taiwan to Visit – And The Highlights You Must Not Miss.

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Located in southwestern Taiwan and formerly known as Kagee and Kagi, Chiayi – also spelt as Jiayi – is the gateway to one of Taiwan’s most beautiful attractions i.e. Alishan National Forest Scenic Area. The provincial city is also renowned for tasty huo ji rou fan aka turkey rice.

taroko gorge


Hualien City is situated on Taiwan’s east coast and has a population of approximately 106,500. Most travellers drop by this serene coastal city to visit the nearby Taroko National Park and 21-km long Qing Shui Cliff. The former spans across 920 km² and boasts spectacular geological features formed 200 million years ago, while the latter is characterised by towering cliffs.

sunmoonlake taiwan


Nantou – the only landlocked county in Taiwan – is home to Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan and largest body of water, Sun Moon Lake. More than half of Yushan National Park is elevated at above 2,000m, hence those suffering from altitude sickness should avoid it.

Despite being a countryside destination, Sun Moon Lake itself attracts six million annual visits for its diverse ecological system, indigenous tribes and gorgeous scenery.



No trip to New Taipei City is not complete until one has visited Jiufen and Shifen—two popular destinations amongst both locals and travellers from all walks of life. Over here, you can savour a vast variety of Taiwanese delicacies.

Taichung Fengchia


Municipality Taichung is an industrial city located on the western coast of central Taiwan. Visitors must make a special trip to Feng Jia Night Market, a marketplace that draws over 110 million visitors on an annual basis. Do also make time to visit the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

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The capital of Taiwan has a few world-famous attractions, namely Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market. The former is a 101-storey tall infrastructure that was once the tallest in the world, while the latter is a world-famous bazaar where you can sample the best Taiwanese street food. Do also check out the National Palace Museum which showcases more than 650,000 artefacts.



Situated in the south of Taiwan is Tainan – the nation’s oldest city. The Taiwanese municipality is well-loved by natives and foreigners alike for its century-old historical landmarks such as Fort Provintia and Tainan Confucian Temple. Unwind over a pampering spa at Guanziling Hot Spring and stuff yourselves silly with divine street food at Tainan Flower Night Market.