Here’s Why You Should Visit Japan During Cherry Blossoms Period

Japan Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Japan are a phenomenal sight. It is the kind of moments that will stay forever etched in your hearts and minds, and it will make you crave for more.

‘Hanami’ is the activity of cherry blossoms viewing, and it happens annually in Japan. The full bloom periods differ from city to city, but the average bloom period is one week and slightly more, if you are lucky.

Visitors from all over the world plan the trips way in advance based on forecasts, in hopes to catch a glimpse of Japan’s prettiest flowers in its full bloom. And if you are thinking that just seeing the flowers alone doesn’t sound all too exciting, you are very wrong.

From rowing a boat in the parks to indulging in cherry blossoms delicacies, Here’s Why You Should Visit Japan During Cherry Blossoms Period. It is an experience that you will never forget.

Cherry Blossom Shinjuku Park


Strolls and jogs ain’t just strolls and jogs anymore when you have a view to enjoy while doing your everyday activity.

During cherry blossom period, Japan is undisputedly the best place in the world for otherwise predictable activities, such as strolling hand-in-hand with your lover. The Japanese embrace this Nature they are blessed with; often taking leisurely strolls in between work and on the weekends, and stop by a park or two to get precious photos taken. It is also a wonderful time to walk the dogs!

Cherry Blossoms

Exercising may be a chore, and jogging isn’t for everyone, but it will be if you are greeted by sakura trees that line your trail. Suddenly, all that burning-calorie activity seemed enticing more than it is compelling. Change into your running gear, and get ready for a “sakura marathon” around the city.

Cherry Blossom Tokyo Park


Sakura trees are planted everywhere in Japan, and when the flowers are in full bloom, the parks in Japan transform into a fairytale-like wonderland. Seas of pinks and whites await you; sakura of different species line the parks endlessly.

Cherry Blossom Tokyo

Taking a walk in just any park is wondrous, to say the least. There is not a single dull moment for every step you take brings you closer to the quintessential Japan in its glorious nature.

Some of the world’s most incredible and priceless sights are Japanese parks with sakura trees in full bloom; you’d have to see it to believe it.

Cherry Blossom Sunrise


Nothing gets us out of bed like a good breakfast and fresh coffee. And sunrises.

Not just any sunrises anywhere, but sunrises against sakura trees. There is much to talk about this spellbindingly beautiful sight, and we live for fleeting moments like these; but seeing it once is better than listening to a thousand stories.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan are a phenomenal sight. It is the kind of moments that will stay forever etched in your hearts and minds.”

You have to go to Japan to catch the mighty sun rise and its rays piercing through the cherry blossoms; just one morning, and you will have memories of a lifetime.

Yoyogi Park


Spring activities in Japan during the cherry blossoms period are aplenty, and picnic is one of them.

Preparing for a picnic in Japan isn’t rocket science. Convenient stores (or kombini) are everywhere, and you just have to grab a few packed sandwiches, sushi platter and ready-to-eat desserts and you are good to go.

Cherry Blossom Picnic

The parks in Japan are extremely picnic-friendly. Pick your favourite cherry blossom tree, lay your mat, and enjoy an unadulterated afternoon with your family and friends while you sit back and partake the sakura’s beauty.

Cherry Blossom Boat Ride


Many parks in Japan offer boat rides in Spring. There are options for solo rider, as with options for couples and families.

Cherry Blossom Row Boat

The permitted area is usually surrounded by sakura trees, and it will be an experience that is second to none. Ride through the breezy day and enjoy hanami in a “space” you could call your own, even if it was just for that little while.

Sadaharu Aoki Sakura Dessert


The Japanese go all out to glorify their sakura. As if admiring them with our eyes just don’t do enough justice to the flowers, the innovative and ever creative Japanese have a penchant for incorporating sakura into desserts these days!

Why let the flowers die in vain when we could let both our eyes and mouths enjoy its goodness? Spring in Japan is made different with a multitude of sakura-inspired desserts—think sakura-flavoured mochi, sakura chocolates, sakura infused cream…

It is a whole new level of Japanese sweets, and it is every reason to love the cherry blossoms period!

Cherry Blossom Ueno Park Tokyo

Many people visit Japan just for hanami, and you might want to plan and book your trip early to avoid disappointment. Read our post on the Forecast for Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017—Where & When To See Them.