Orchid Live Seafood – Old-School Seafood Restaurant With The Best Lobster Porridge

Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant

A dining experience at Orchid Live Seafood is akin to teleporting yourselves back into time. While the old-school seafood restaurant is not located in the most convenient locations, its inaccessibility has not deterred its loyal customers from patronising it.

Award-winning Orchid Live Seafood has received many public figures over the years and that list includes Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Orchid Live Seafood’s superbly fresh dishes are seriously worth travelling for, and can we say just how much we love the kampong-style experience?! The restaurant is also home to a huge collection of South African craft beers.

From now until 31 December 2016, quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy 40% off craft beers with any purchase of items on the menu (valid only on weekdays). Meanwhile, here’s what you can expect from Orchird Live Seafood—also the creator of the famous Lobster Porridge.

Orchid Live Seafood Lobster Porridge


Nobody leaves Orchid Live Seafood without ordering the signature Lobster Porridge (S$10 per 100g). While lobster porridge can be found in many other Chinese restaurants, Orchid Live Seafood is actually the original creator. In fact, the Lobster Porridge has been served to customers since 1999. This iconic main course is indeed the epitome of indulgence.

A 600g, 800g, 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg portion will feed two, three, four six and eight pax respectively. The freshness of these lobsters is guaranteed as they catch your lobsters right after you place your order. These crustaceans are cut into halves, and the plump and juicy lobster meat attributes to the Teochew porridge’s sweetness and aromatic broth.

Orchid Live Seafood Boston Lobster


The massive Boston Lobster (S$70) took us by surprise and we devoured every single bit of it. The succulent flesh is best eaten with the accompanying sauce—a complex blend of butter, cheese, milk and spices. We were almost licking the plate clean!

You can save S$10 and order this chunky lobster for just S$60 as an add-on to any set menus.

Orchid Live Seafood Teochew Cold Crab


The Teochew-style Cold Crab is a crab dish that is almost forgotten, but one that our parents and Teochew descendants will definitely relish.

The Teochew Cold Crab is prized for its roe, and just look at the generous amount of roe on Orchid Live Seafood’s Teochew Cold Crab (S$52)! These briny crabs taste naturally sweet on its own.

Orchid Live Seafood Minced Pork


Orchid Live Seafood is introducing pork in its menu for the very first time and we are totally digging their rendition of the fragrant Steamed Minced Pork (S$18). The meat patty is served with a bright orangey salted egg yolk and drenched in superior sauce.

It’s one of those ‘comfort food’ options, and the kids will love it!

Orchid Live Seafood Steven Chicken


The Steven Chicken (8 pieces – S$12, 12 pieces – S$18, 16 pieces – S$24) blew our minds; it is no surprise this signature has been keeping regulars back for more for many decades.

Marinated in a sweet sauce (inhouse secret!) and deep-fried to perfection; this bestselling dish ain’t no ordinary chicken wings. We dare say it’s even better than Korean fried chicken! Take a closer look and you will notice that the flesh has been scraped from one wing end to the other for easy consumption.

Orchid Live Seafood Tofu


Orchid Live Seafood’s chef-recommended Top-shell With Crispy Tofu (S$12) instantly reminded us of a Thai salad. This semi-spicy dish features tofu with sliced cucumber, onions and sesame seeds; the mixture is then drizzled with a hot sauce.


This plate of Spinach With Three Types Of Eggs (small – S$12, medium – S$15) is a Chinese classic that nailed all the right spots.

The sweet hearty clear chicken broth and fresh greens are served in a pot set atop a fire so your dish stays warm throughout your meal.

Orchid Live Seafood Sweet Potato Yam Balls


These Sweet Potato Balls with Yam Paste (S$20 per set) might look unassuming, but it sure left an everlasting impression. Who would have thought these bite-size balls could be so addictive?!

These warm mini balls are delightfully soft inside—with the first layer being sweet potato mash, and the inner layer yam paste. Each golden-brown orb is dusted with icing sugar.

Craft Beers


Interestingly, Orchid Live Seafood is home to a huge collection of South African craft beers. You can purchase these imported bottles from S$8 for a Eversons Cloudy Apple Cider to S$14 for a Citizen Beer Pacifist Winter Porter.

Quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy 40% off craft beers with any purchase of items on the menu (valid only on weekdays and until 31 Dec 2016).

Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant Singapore

Orchid Live Seafood has also opened its reservations for Chinese New Year dinners. Set menus are available; premium seafood and honest cooking are befitting of that annual reunion dinner. Prices start from S$268 nett for 4 pax, to S$468 nett for 6 pax and S$488 nett for 8 pax.

Orchid Live Seafood
16 Jalan Kelulut
Singapore 809033
Tel: +65 6484 2495
Nearest Station: Fernvale

This post is brought to you by Orchid Live Seafood.