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Creme Maison Dessert Table

Dessert tables are all the rage these days for all events, and no event is complete without an attention-grabbing spread of desserts.

Because we are such suckers for desserts ourselves, we needed a massive dessert table on both days of our weddings. That was pretty much a prerequisite of #BradMelWedding, and it was something we placed much emphasis on for we knew it wouldn’t just be us who would get all excited over a table of colourful sweets.

Planning this wasn’t difficult at all with Creme Maison Bakery, who knew exactly how a dessert table should be done. Tell them your requirements and preferred desserts and they will bring a wonderland to your wedding. Well, they did for ours.

Both days of our celebrations were filled with amazingly fresh and delectable desserts that our guests couldn’t stop helping themselves to.

Yes, we had two dessert tables from Creme Maison Bakery, and it was more than fulfilling to see the whole venue jazzed up and decorated with so many pretty bakes.

Creme Maison Desserts

You have no idea how much satisfaction we had when guests streamed in to the venue and headed straight for the desserts table. It was precisely that sort of satisfaction and joy we derived that made it all worth while.


The menu was well-thought and surprisingly very affordable for the sheer amount, and it was something we were happy to have our guests remember us for – that #BradMelWedding made them feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

On our menu, we had Mini Strawberry Shortcake Parfait Shooters, Potted Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding, Citrus Lavender Tartlets, Houjicha Honey Floral Cupcakes and Praline Dipped Mini Madeleines.


The tartlets proved to be the most popular and was the first to be snapped out, and the floral cupcakes were the most gorgeous things. In case you have no clue, Creme Maison Bakery shot to fame because of its signature floral cupcakes.

Dessert Table

Creme Maison Bakery also does dessert tables for birthday parties and events on top of weddings. Everything is customisable within your budget, and freshness is guaranteed. We are already thinking of the next big event where we can get more bakes from Creme Maison Bakery!

Any excuse to eat desserts, right?

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