Here’s Where You Can Find One Of The Best Egg Tarts In Singapore

Best egg tarts

Egg tarts are aplenty in Singapore, but real good ones are rare like eclipse.

There are a few types of egg tarts and we too have our preference. The ones that tug our heartstrings are the Hong Kong-style ones with flaky pastry and sweet egg custard filling. Now, those are pretty rare in Singapore, unless you go to a dim sum restaurant – which can be expensive.

Know where we always go to when we need our Hong Kong-style egg tart fix? We are about to let you in on one of the hugest secrets.

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries at Tiong Bahru is Heaven on Earth. Upon stepping in, you would be greeted by the aroma of fresh bakes and everything wonderful. This old-school looking confectionery may look next to nothing, but their egg tarts are to die for.

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries

We first had the egg tarts from Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries back in 2007, and we have been fans of it ever since. The confectionery used to be on Sago Street – inconspicuous and hard to locate. But the ones in the know make it there anyway.

Today, they sit on Jalan Membina, and everything else remains unchanged. People often talk about how change is the only constant in life, but we say the only constant at Leung Sang Hong Kong is the amazingly buttery flaky pastry that is so addictive with every bite.

The egg custard encased in the pastry is of a pastel yellow shade – not the typical rich hue you might see, but what do you know? It is so silky, creamy and sweet! This is hands down one of the best egg tarts you can find in Singapore.

They also have Western-style egg tarts which come in a different shell – the harder kind that tastes more subtle. While it uses the same egg custard filling, we prefer the Hong Kong-style egg tart’s flaky puff pastry.

Hong Kong Pastries

Other pastries that are baked in-house and sold at Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries include Roasted Chicken Pastry, Polo Buns, Lotus Seed Century Egg Pastry and Mushroom Chicken Pie.

Each pastry costs S$1.30, and if you buy 10 pastries, you get one pastry of your choice for free.

18 Jalan Membina
Singapore 164018
Tel: +65 6271 6056
Nearest Station: Tiong Bahru