What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Monochrome Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee is a rising trend in town and we sure are embracing it.

You might have seen food journals, magazines, blogs and your social media feeds bursting with pictures or reviews of Cold Brew coffees. It is for sure, the new it coffee at the moment.

Why do people levitate towards Cold Brew Coffees? There are a couple of reasons. And the ones who truly appreciate their coffee will taste the robust and concentrated flavours in cold brews, while still enjoying the taste of the coffee itself as opposed to downing it like an espresso.

If you are still confused, here’s a simple read on What You Need To Know About Cold Brew Coffee.

Cold Drip Coffee

How is cold brew made?

Coffee is first grounded, then steeped in either chilled or room temperature water for up to 24 hours. This intensifies the coffee extraction process, as you’re physically letting it ‘sit’ for a longer period of time. Same goes for slow-cooking and braising for hours and hours – you get the best out of it through the process of slow-extraction.

Typically, the coffee is then diluted to be served or poured over ice cubes.

This traditional method of serving it prevents the consumer from taking in too much coffee at a go, as the effects of drinking it directly could be equivalent to swallowing a few espresso shots at once.

Cold Brew - Dutch Colony

We can’t say for sure how long the hype for cold brew coffee will last. But one thing we are certain about, is that we will be fans of it for a long, long time.

Well, of course, until a new and fancy way of extracting and serving coffee is invented. But until then, we will return to these places for the Best Cold Brews in Singapore.