Dapper Coffee – Swanky Coffee House In Singapore’s Central Business District

Dapper Gold Cold Brew

Heading up to level 2 of 73 Amoy Street to Dapper Coffee was a tiny setback, especially after trudging through Singapore’s humid weather. But the cosy space made up for the “hike”, and we spent an idyllic afternoon at the cafe over great coffee.

The swanky interior resembles a cool British pub. The coffee aroma that filled the air was alluring and we were thankful for the good range of different coffee to choose from.

Let’s see what the hype about Dapper Coffee is all about.

Dapper Coffee

We ordered a cold brew coffee – perfect option for a crazily humid afternoon. Their cold brew coffee was listed as S$7. But upon taking a seat, the barista came up to us and told us that they only had a drink called Gold Cold Brew (S$10) available.

Skepticism levels were higher than ever. We agreed to it and before we could enquire more, he sprinted off to grab our drink. When we saw that the drink came in a tiny minuscule bottle, it really didn’t look like much. He swished and swirled the little glass jar and then the magic happened.

We were told that this drink has something called ‘unicorn tears’; of course, he declined to unveil the “secret ingredients”. What we saw were tiny gold particles, much smaller than gold flakes, inside of the glass. However pretty it was, it was still a tiny bit gimmicky.

We poured it out to have a taste and we had our answer – it was an exceptional cold brew. But we are sure about one thing – the ‘unicorn tears’ did nothing for us, except a little visual appeal. The coffee was strong and intense, basically more of a cold brew espresso instead.

Dapper Gold Cold Brew in Glass

Dapper Coffee also offers a range of cakes that includes Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Cake and Mango Avocado Cake for you to pair your coffee with.

Will we return here? Very likely, but we will probably stick to our usual latte. The extra S$3 was not worth it.

Dapper Coffee
73A Amoy Street
Second floor
Singapore 069892
Tel: +65 9005 4790
Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm
Weekends: Closed
Nearest Station: Telok Ayer

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