19 Cafes In Garosu-Gil You Must Visit When In Seoul

Seoul Cafe

Garosu-gil is easily our favourite area in Seoul. Decked with quaint cafes, lifestyle boutiques, local labels, cosmetics shops and several international brands, the tree-lined street radiates charm like no other.

Every trip to Seoul sees us returning back to Garosu-gil and spending an entire day there, but time never seemed to be enough; there is just so many gems waiting to be discovered. Cafe-hopping or window shopping or simply people watching, you will love it at Garosu-gil all the same.

Garosugil Guide

And because Seoul’s cafe scene is second to none, we have decided to compile a list of our favourite cafes, coffee shops and dessert places in Garosu-gil. Here, take a look why Seoul is the benchmark for cafes all around the world with our list of Garosu-gil cafes.

Basilur Tea & Coffee


You see, there are many simply joys in life, and we do not need fancy food and alcohol every day. Just an iced tea and a comfortable space to sit back and watch the world go by.

Basilur Tea And Coffee is one of those. Occupying the second and third level of a building in Garosu-gil, the space is perpetually packed but strange enough, the crowd does not overwhelm. And the splendour of the drinks house sure took our breath away.

Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu 2nd floor 554
Seoul, South Korea
Daily: 9am – 7pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Cafe de Paris Seoul


Despite being hidden in an alley that is not visible from the main street, Cafe de Paris is hard to miss with its striking blue exterior and Parisian-style huge windows. Elegant and chic, Cafe de Paris is where the locals hang out to people-watch, while hiding away from the crowd in the main street.

Cafe de Paris

Not much about eating here though; the cafe is more for casual drinks such as European coffee and tea. What is evidently popular is the signature Mango Smoothie (W16,000).

551-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: +822 5148282
Daily: 10am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Coffee Chu


We first chanced upon this cafe when we were strolling the streets of Itaewon. For churros lovers like us, our eyes lit up upon realizing a whole menu of specialty churros. Coffee Chu is our answer to bad days, and we’ve had it several times now – their churros are mood lifters. The outlet at Garosu-gil is a lot more inviting with a stylish interior and balcony seats.

Coffee Chu Churros

Though the menu includes many fancy churros such as Fritters Churros (W3,500) with flavours including berries, peanut, chocolate and nuts; we prefer ours plain with good ol’ chocolate dip. And it is only W3,500 per serving!

682-10, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
(7 Itaewon-ro 54-gil)
Tel: +82 2 790 6821
Daily: 11am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Hangangjin

Coffeesmith Seoul


This is one huge coffee house when you need a drink. We took a while to digest the comprehensive drinks menu, but more than that, we were taken in by the sheer grandeur of Coffeesmith. It is easily one of the most elaborate coffee house in Garosu-gil with its multi-level outlet, and the fragrance of their brew lured us in.

The menu has drinks for both caffeine and non-caffeine drinker. Pick from a wide range of coffee and teas and juices, and read a magazine as you idle the afternoon away.

536-20, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-3445-3372
Mon to Thu, Sun: 9am – 1.30am
Fri & Sat: 9am – 2.30am
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Deux Amis


Deux Amis Patisserie is a terrific patisserie serving gorgeous cakes and tarts that will make anyone weak in the knees. It is one of our favourite places to go for desserts in Seoul. Try their Strawberry Tiramisu Tart and Caramel Cake.

535-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Tel: +82 2 3443 0030
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station



We are absolutely in love with Dish Room. It was one of those love-at-first-sight moments for us, and we knew we had to step in for a midday perk-me-up. Priding themselves to serving a menu that emphasizes “eat well, live well”, Dish Room by Dore Dore has a display of salads and healthy warm food to pamper its patrons.

Dishroom Cake

What would get your attention, we reckon, is the stunning cakes display. They are tall and majestic, and any cake lover will be sold. From rainbow to many other layered cream cakes, Dish Room by Dore Dore is a must-go when in Garosu-gil.

Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, 546-18, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 02-511-2115
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Ikovox Coffee


Another cafe that pays homage to good coffee is Ikovox Coffee. It may seem like an unassuming corner unit in one of the smaller streets of Garosu-gil, but it sure is no less popular among locals and tourists alike. The outlet is always packed with coffee lovers who just need a relaxing space to settle down with friends while sipping a seriously good cuppa.

Ikovox Coffee is definitely your thing if you are one of those serious coffee drinker. Perhaps, you can pop by during lunch hour as it is significantly less crowded then.

I tae won 1 dong, Seoul, 140-863, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-2790-5578
Daily: 8am – 12am
Nearest Station: Itaewon Station

Ginko Avenue


This is easily one of the prettiest cafes in Garosu-gil. We fell in love with it immediately upon stepping in to its premise. It was a breezy afternoon, and we picked the table at the balcony so that we could people-watch while enjoying brunch. The cafe has a small menu, but it was enough to please. Brunch was Croque Madame (W5,800) and Green Tea Waffles (W9,000 for 2 pieces and 2 scoops of ice cream) for us. And boy, did we enjoy our waffles! Fans of Bingsu, you will be entertained here too with four different creations.

Ginko Avenue Waffles

Ginkgo Avenue is also dedicated to bringing you quality brew. With a roastery on the third level, they put their heart and soul into roasting the best coffee beans for patrons; we sure loved our Hand Drip Coffee (W7,500).

Sin sa dong, Seoul, 100-411, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-548-8620
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Good night good luck


The name of the cafe does not quite make sense and we raised our brows when we first heard about it. Plus, it requires a bit of walking from the main side of Garosu-gil. But take that stroll and you will be welcomed by a small yet stunning cafe.

Good like good luck cafe

The monochrome-theme cafe is known for their cheesecakes, and while we thought it was just slightly underwhelming, it is still a nice and quite space for a little break from all that walking. The coffee is pretty decent, by the way!

161 Road in Gangnam Nonhyeon 41, Sin sa dong, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 70-4220-2014
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

La Pomme


This two-storey space is a favourite we found from our first trip three years ago. Previously known as X, La Pomme Dessert Cafe has since been given a little revamp. Its popularity remains unchanged, and it sees a crowd daily at its cosy unit.

The cakes and desserts are prepared fresh in-house, and they are all so pretty. We like the seats by the windows; don’t you too?

Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, a 10-way 35, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-889, South
Tel: +82 2-545-4508
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Lay Bricks


We did a second take when we stumbled upon Lay Bricks. On first impression, we thought it was a mini factory of sorts, but hell we were wrong; it is an industrial-style cafe that is so bloody sexy! The space is well, predominantly laid with bricks (hence its name, perhaps), and sewing machines and oil tins are used as tables and chairs.

It is one of those secret hideouts where you can escape from the madness of the world and just enjoy some cold brew at, we’d like to think.

153 Road in Gangnam Nonhyeon 46, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-890, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-545-5513
Daily: 12pm – 12am
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Latte King


It seems Koreans have a thing for cold brew. And another place to go to for cold brew is Latte King, this hole-in-the-wall cafe that serves cold brew on tap. It is a little inconspicuous from the main road, but look out for the iconic cat logo and you are on your way to some summer thirst-quenchers.

Choose from Cold Brew Ice Coffee (W4,300), Cold Brew Coffee Beer (W4,800), or Cold Brew Hibiscus (W4,300). There are also many juices to pick from if you prefer something without caffeine!

15 12 (giljeom avenue), Sin sa dong, Seoul, 133-848, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-544-0729
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Line Cafe


Line Friends Store & Cafe was one of our first stops during our recent trip to Seoul, and you would not believe how excited we were. The multi-level outlet features hugeee merchandise sections and a cafe, and is filled with excitement and laughter of all like-minded fans of Line.

Line Ice Cream

Be seated at the cafe and to tuck in to the cutest Line Friends macarons and brownies. We don’t know how you are gonna do it but we didn’t even have the heart to bite into our Brown and Cony macarons!

535-15, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Daily: 12pm – 9pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Minos Coffeecult


Sitting just next to Forever21′s flagship boutique at the start of Garosu-Gil is Minos Coffeecult, one of the best places to rest your feet in between shopping. There are both indoor and outdoor seating. Step in for a cuppa and to simply zone out while the world goes by. We love how Minos Coffeecult has a wide range of magazines; great alternative to an idyllic afternoon at Garosu-Gil, yes?

Minos Cafe

Minos Coffeecult uses coffee beans from Anthracite Coffee Roasters. Don’t like caffeine? Minos also has other drinks such as Sweet Pumpkin Latte, Marron Latte and Green Tea Latte at W6,200 each.

Hallym 547-1 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, 2nd floor, Sin sa dong, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 70-8818-4601
Daily: 24 Hours
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Mug For Rabbit


Intriguing and inviting, Mug For Rabbit spots a slightly industrial look juxtaposed with Parisian chairs. Loud tracks fill the cafe, and the crowd in there is a good-looking one. The two-storey unit is yet another place for you to rest your feet over drinks and hearty chats, and we especially love that mezzanine.

We say go in and grab a quick juice, kick your shoes off and let your hair down. By night, Mug For Rabbit transform into an alluring space with long-hanging and dimly-lit lamps.

153 Road in Gangnam Nonhyeon 53 (boulevard second store), Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-889, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-3443-7488
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Green Tea Dessert


Osulloc is a tea salon that pays homage to Korean green tea from Jeju Island. With an extensive menu of different teas – both hot and iced – and an assortment of green tea desserts such as swiss rolls and tiramisu, there will always be something to fall in love with.

It is a cosy cafe with a very inviting laid-back vibe. Wooden furnitures dominate the facade, sounds of ice blending and excitement from patrons fill the space; the lights are kept dim, but just as well, because no matter what time it is out there, we just want to recline into our seats and immerse ourselves into this relaxing environment while enjoying our green tea everything.

175 Road in Gangnam Nonhyeon 6 (Apgujeong points), Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-892, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-3448-5967
Mon to Fri: 9am – 10.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station



This soft serve lab is one you must not miss! You see that smiley soft serve there? Yes, you deserve an award for being so cute.

Remicone Ice Cream

Build your own soft serve here at Remicone. The first step is to choose ‘cup or ‘cone’. Then, pick a flavour - milk, salted caramel or chocolate. Top it off with your choice of honey caviar, cotton thunder, hazelnut crumble, honey chip, popping sugar or fleur de sel. There you have it. Now, take out your cameras and snap a dozen of photos, then share it on your social media platforms!

Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, a 14-way 24-, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-890, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-6207-1029
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station



This retro-looking place had us feeling like we stumbled upon a gem at the back alley. Sarubia is slightly off the main street, but it is not difficult to spot. Look for out the display of mismatched chairs lining the entrance, and don’t forget to grab a photo at the iconic exterior.

On the menu, put your attention to the pasta section – Aglio Olio (W16,000), Seafood (W19,000), and Carbonara (W17,000). Want some pizzas? There is the Margherita (W20,000) and Rucola (W21,000).

153 Road in Gangnam Nonhyeon 57, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-889, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-540-7344
Mon to Fri: 11am – 2am
Sat: 11am – 1am
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

The Flying Pan


Talk about beautiful white spaces and flowers in abundance! The Flying Pan is one like that, and the timeless elegance had our hearts. Stepping in to the slightly Parisian cafe gives us a strange sense of familiarity, yet took us by surprise altogether. Every detail of The Flying Pan is something to discover, and it is little wonder this cafe is ever popular with the locals.

The menu is a typical European one, with signatures including Free Range Eggs Benedict (W15,000), Bacon French Toast (W15,000), and Mentaiko & Leek Pasta (W16,000). It may not be the cheapest place to dine at, but it sure is a lovely cafe to spend some time with your loved ones.

Road 8, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-889, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-514-5585
Daily: 10.30am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

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