8 Best Cities to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

DubaiFireworksSource: Forbes

Picture this – the clock strikes twelve and your calendar transforms from year 2015 to 2016. And at that very split second, the dark skies of every cosmopolitan city instantly lights up with colourful splashes of booming fireworks. There is truly no better way to welcome the New Year with your loved ones than with gorgeous fireworks display.

The premiums you pay for air tickets, hotels and whatnot will be totally worth it when you witness the sparks in the skies; it will be a memory etched to your heart forever.

From New York City’s iconic countdown party at Times Square to Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 12-minute display, here are the 8 Best Cities to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

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For the best views at touristy areas in Amsterdam, visitors will have to arrive early to secure the best spots. The crowd can get overwhelming and it is not advisable for those who are claustrophobic. The city’s quieter main canals pose as ideal alternative venues to view the fireworks erupt into magnificent streaks.

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A major firework display awaits at Bangkok’s Central World Square. It is encouraged for eager participants to arrive at least two hours before midnight to guarantee better viewing spots. If you are after something more private and exclusive, dining by the riverside will still grant you an unrivalled view.

dubaiSource: Gary McGovern


Global city Dubai boasts the biggest and tallest fireworks in the world. The jaw-dropping fireworks will take place and cascade over the world’s tallest infrastructure Burj Khalifa. It is so impressive that people from all walks of life actually fly to witness this fascinating display. Nightlife destinations and dining options are aplenty so go ahead and paint the town red!

vegasSource: Vegas Good Buys


The reputation of Las Vegas has always been crazy – and it still is. The Las Vegas Strip will be closed and out of bounds for all vehicles, and the entire stretch evolves into a gigantic countdown party. Choreographed fireworks are launched by the big casinos at midnight and everything gets wilder from then. After the fireworks, head indoors for the most splendid parties at Las Vegas’ best nightclubs.

london fireworksSource: London The Inside


Marvel at the spellbindingly beautiful fireworks spiralling across River Thames and you will soon find yourselves hopelessly enchanted by the incredible London city. However, do know that the best viewing areas actually do require admission tickets – choose your spot wisely as moving between the designated zones are prohibited during New Year’s Eve.

nycSource: Countdown Entertainment


The annual countdown event at New York City’s Time Square requires some form of perseverance, but know that your patience would be rewarded when the entertaining party starts with a bang at 6pm. The famous Times Square Ball descends from 70 feet above when midnight strikes, and the skies will be illuminated by spectacular fireworks and colourful confetti.

Paris-New-Years-EveSource: Paris Design Agenda


The City of Love does not need much convincing for travellers to visit. Paris, the most romanticised city in the world, indeed lives up to its hype. A glimpse of the fabulous fireworks and light showcase over the world-famous Eiffel Tower monument is simply indescribable and enough to have you raving on for years.

sydneySource: Happy New Year


From restaurants to even Taronga zoo, everyone in Sydney gears up for the exciting New Year’s countdowns every year. The breathtaking 12-minute fireworks display makes a perfect backdrop for the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Rock up to a bar or board a deluxe cruise and spoil yourselves silly with an indulgent view.

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