8 Best Cities to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

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Picture this – the clock strikes twelve and your calendar transforms from year 2015 to 2016. And at that very split second, the dark skies of every cosmopolitan city instantly lights up with colourful splashes of booming fireworks. There is truly no better way to welcome the New Year with your loved ones than with gorgeous fireworks display.

The premiums you pay for air tickets, hotels and whatnot will be totally worth it when you witness the sparks in the skies; it will be a memory etched to your heart forever.

From New York City’s iconic countdown party at Times Square to Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 12-minute display, here are the 8 Best Cities to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve.


13 Restaurants To Catch The Beautiful National Day Fireworks 2015


Imagine dining with exquisite food while enjoying a panoramic view of Singapore’s stunning skyline. To make the moment even better, amazing fireworks greet you and they look beautiful against the cityscape.

The day is approaching and we suggest you make your reservations soon if you want to catch the fireworks. What is so special about this year? Singapore celebrates the 50th year of independence with the ‘SG50′ slogan. This year’s fireworks are the biggest and will be the most stunning ones to date!

Racking your brains on which restaurant to make your reservations at for this special day? Fret not, we have a list to share. Here are 15 Restaurants To Catch The Beautiful National Day Fireworks 2015!


Waterfront Restaurants to watch Fireworks in Singapore

Where to watch Fireworks

There are many places where you can catch a glimpse of the fireworks, but they are more often than not packed with people who reserve their spots as early as the day before. We always prefer enjoying the spectacular display in comfort, and that is when we think of our favourite dining haunts which offer an unparalleled view all the same.

Here is our guide on waterfront restaurants to watch fireworks in Singapore.