Conquer Dragon’s Back in An Hour – The Best Urban Hiking Trail in Hong Kong

Dragon Back Hong Kong Hiking

Are you looking for an easy hike with spectacular views? Look no further. Located in the outskirts of metropolis Hong Kong, Dragon’s Back boasts breathtaking panoramic views of tall skyscrapers, coastal shores and its surrounding mountainous region.

One can actually hike up and down Dragon’s Back within 90 minutes. Read on more to find out the nitty gritty details on where you should start, how to get to the starting point and our personal tips. The beginner-friendly hike makes an excellent alternative for those who wish to admire Hong Kong’s scenery without the crowds.

The starting point of Dragon’s Back is not too far away from the CBD and provides a great sanctuary for those who wish to disconnect temporarily.

Most visitors have a misconception that the hike on Dragon’s Back would take at least half a day. But that is not true at all! You do not have to complete the entire Hong Kong trail (which would take you a whopping six hours).



For the quickest way of getting to Dragon’s Back starting point, one can simply grab a cab from Chai Wan MTR Station Exit C’s taxi stand.

Tell the cab driver to drive you up to To Tei Wan – a wooden signboard and a framed map will indicate that you are at the starting point of Dragon’s Back hiking trail. The taxi fare should cost around HKD 50 and takes about 10 minutes.

dragon back hk

If you are taking public transport, board bus number 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR Station’s Exit A3. Sit on the upper deck of the bus and enjoy a scenic but bumpy 25-minute bus ride.

You can pay the bus fare with your Octopus card – it costs only about HKD 3.90 for a one-way trip. Remember to press the bell and alight at To Tei Wan bus stop. Depending on the day and time, the frequency of buses vary from every 7 to 30 minutes.



The one-way hike up Dragon’s Back would take you about an hour. However, it took us around two hours as we stopped from time to time to take pictures. There are many gorgeous vantage points throughout the trail so do factor it into your schedule if you know that you will be needing water breaks and/or taking heaps of pictures.

The climb is relatively easy but one would have to be cladded in sports shoes as there are unpaved and uneven pathways. Climbing downhill is way easier, hence taking you only about 30 minutes.

dragon back hiking trail


The sweltering heat and humidity might get unbearable, especially during summertime. We suggest you bring along a small bottle of water to quench your thirst whilst hiking. A face towel would also be handy as you are bound to be perspiring a lot. Do also slather on sunblock lotion to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays!

As mentioned earlier on, it is essential to wear sports shoes for a safe hike. Avoid wearing heels, flip-flops and other inappropriate footwear at all costs. Also, do monitor the weather forecasts before making your way up!

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