BERGS – Delicious Gourmet Burgers At Reasonable Prices

Bergs The Berg

BERGS has one of Singapore’s best and most affordable burgers around with an extensive menu where you can choose between a small (already substantially huge) and an even bigger one.

It is definitely the place to go if you are ravenous and craving for a hearty burger. With four outlets island wide, we can see why people return here for the amazing burgers.

If you like beef, go right for the classic The Berg with cheese (S$14.50, large). The juicy meat patty will grace your tastebuds with a burst of complex and palatable flavours as you bite into the burger and we promise you that you will not be able to stop munching on it.

Also have a taste of the Porto Pollo (S$11, small) if you prefer white meat. The chicken patty is done perfectly with a full cook-through, and amazingly, without being dry. The best part about this burger is the special Portuguese marination. When paired up with an accompanying Peri Peri sauce, swiss cheese and vegetables, every bite of this chicken burger is a delight.

BERGS is every burger lover’s dream. With the large portions and well-marinated meat patties, all you need is some good company and you are set for an awesome meal for sure!

BERGS Gourmet Burgers
137 Amoy Street
#01-01, Far East Square
Singapore 049965
Tel: +65 64386505
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat: 12pm – 9pm
(Closed on Sun)
Nearest Station: Telok Ayer

About the writer:
Cheryl is a staff writer for ladyironchef. She loves a good steak and an even better cuppa. She eats just about anything and everything. In her free time, she regularly starts on sci-fi or fantasy movie marathons.