9 Dishes To Love From Kinsa Sushi – A Japanese Restaurant That Serves Inexpensive Quality Japanese Food + Giveaway

Kinsa Sushi

We often gripe about the lack of affordable Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Sure, there are the usual household chains, but hole-in-the-wall concepts and humble neighbourhood joints are few.

It is not every day that we need to sit down for a lavish and aristocratic Japanese meal, because more often than not, what we seek is comfort food that will not have our wallets take a beating. A recent lunch at Kinsa Sushi fits this bill exactly, and we are so adding this to our list of all-time favourite inexpensive Japanese eats.

Kinsa Sushi Hillv2

Nestled in the quaint HillV2, Kinsa Sushi is made for the heartlanders and all who love a simple Japanese meal. Prices are not at all intimidating to say the least, and the menu is well-covered with the usual Nippon favourites prepared with premium ingredients. Most dishes are priced under S$15, and the star dish – Wagyu don, served with Grade A4 Kagoshima Wagyu, is only S$24.80!

Here, we share the memorable dishes that we had at Kinsa Sushi, and all that are worth heading back for; every one a reason to love Kinsa Sushi, we’d say.

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Wagyu Don


Now, this has got to be the first on the list because the Wagyu Don is unbelievably good! And the best part? It is only S$24.80! This is unheard of, because all the good wagyu-don in Singapore come with exorbitant price tags of at least S$50 and above, so this is a good 50% discount.

No, Kinsa Sushi does not scrimp on the quality. Prepared with Grade A4 Kagoshima Wagyu and prized for its premium marbling, your don will be nothing but divine. With a good 60g of wagyu slices, alongside a runny egg that is best eaten when beaten in and mixed with the rice, the Wagyu Don is a fantastically value-for-money one-dish meal and we already know we will head back just for this dish!

Kinsa Aburi Roll


Hands up if you love aburi rolls like we do! Introducing the Kinsa Roll (S$14.80) – cucumber and avocado maki roll, wrapped with torched salmon and flying fish roe, and jazzed up with flamed mentai that adds some cheesiness and saltiness to the fresh roll. We love how the aburi is so well-controlled and that the salmon is left slightly raw and chewy. The warm mentaiko sauce just completes the roll and adds a punch to its overall blend of flavours. We’d love to think of the Kinsa Roll as a must-have Instagram-worthy item. Good to share, but sure, you can have it all to yourself too.

Grilled Prawn Mentaiko


A whole large prawn that is beautifully flame-grilled with mentai (marinated roe of pollock and cod), the Grilled Prawn Mentai (S$9.80) boasts a melty goodness that compliments the sweet prawn flesh so well. This is grilled to order, so expect a little waiting time. It will be worth your patience, surely. Once again, we were pleasantly surprised by the price tag. So, give us one serving per person, please! No need for sharing!

Kinsa Chirashi Don


We are on a never-ending quest to scout for good chirashi-don in Singapore. Well, another to add to our list is Kinsa’s verion at S$24.80 per bowl. You do not get the most colourful arrangement, but it is surely a hearty bowl with fresh sashimi slices.

If you have any preference, or there are specific fishes that you want or do not eat, just let the chef know and he will be happy to customize a bowl for you too.

Foie Gras Soup


Because drinking miso soup in a Japanese restaurant is too mainstream, we now indulge in foie gras soup. Unbelievable and too good to be true, but that is precisely how pampered your taste buds would be when you dine at Kinsa Sushi. A bowl of Kinsa’s Foie Gras Soup is only at S$6.80!



A plate of good fatty tuna sashimi is always good for the soul. We love biting into a well-marbled one and feel the fats melt in our mouth. That comes with a hefty price tag, of course, and our hearts can’t take that shock too often. But lo and behold, Kinsa Sushi serves a portion of five slices at only S$35.80! There is no strings attached, and the ootoro is definitely fatty and fresh.

If you prefer salmon to tuna, Kinsa Sushi offers a portion of five slices of Salmon Belly at an unbeatable price of S$9.80.

Fish Tank


Kinsa Sushi flies in a limited batch of seafood and sashimi in a “fish tank” directly from Japan. You can get a whole fish – prepared in any style you like – (Prices range from $30 to $80 depending on seasonality, types/sizes of fish). Just go to the counter to pick the freshest catch; the chefs will advise on the best way to cook the fish.

You may choose up to 2 ways of preparing the fish. Usual methods would be to do a sashimi style and/or grilled. And no matter what method you opt for, no parts of the fish will be wasted. Even if you want the entire fish to be served ala sashimi style, the bones and other remnants can be used to brew a broth. Customers only pay for the fish selected at the tank; all culinary methods chosen are at no extra charge.

Grilled Squid


Surume Ika, anyone? This reminded us of our times at Japan, when we would take a stroll along the streets on a wintery night, and street snack stalls would tempt us with their grilled squid on stick. A freshly grilled squid, lightly salted with a smokey flavour always warms our hearts in a very special way. This Grilled Squid (S$11.80) dish at Kinsa Sushi brings a taste of familiarity that we so covet.

Tempura Bento


Now, this is an extremely affordable lunch option if you need a fuss-free meal. For only S$11.80, lunch is a huge serving of tempura assortment with Japanese pearl rice, miso soup and a side salad. A nice, quiet lunch with comfort Japanese food is all we’d need to take a breather from work, yes?


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