Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Chinese New Year Delights

mezza9 CNY Menu

How to ever get sick of Grand Hyatt Singapore when the many restaurants are ever competent and always delighting our taste buds with new creations?

It is no secret by now that mezza9 is among our all-time favourite restaurants list, and we can go there for lunch and dinners and still be wowed by the chefs for their outstanding culinary skills and understanding of food.

And then there is StraitsKitchen too, an evident crowd favourite with its impressive buffet line-up, featuring the heritage of Singapore and all our representative dishes. It is a halal outlet too, and one that our Muslim friends can head to for a trusty feast.

Mahjong Chocolate

So what is Chinese New Year without a get-together at Grand Hyatt Singapore? Whether you are looking for a buffet, or a multi-course Chinese meal, you can find your answer(s) here. Something to take home too, perhaps? We will share with you our picks from their festive takeaways!


Over at mezza9, it is always a pleasant experience. The exuberant staff are ever ready for a warm welcome, and stepping in to the restaurant brings about calmness to the soul. Always a familiar environment – like a second home – yet always with surprises that await. Special dishes-of-the-day, seasonal ingredients, promotional menus… the list goes on, and this Lunar festivity no less.

Celebrate a sustainable new year as spring awakens at mezza9, and they are one of the very few restaurants in Singapore that uses only sustainably sourced seafood products that are either wild-caught or farmed. This is one practice that we have always supported, and it is for a meaningful cause without compromising on our food quality and tastes.

Sustainable Yusheng

mezza9′s 4-course Chinese New Year Set Menu (S$88++/pax) has the perfect balance – there is more than enough food for everyone and you won’t have to fret over what to order.

Start your reunion dinner with the Double Happiness and Good Luck Sustainable Yu Sheng. Topped with sustainable New Zealand red snapper and king salmon, the traditional dish is made even special with customisable add-ons – chilled Alaskan king crab (S$26++), sliced Hokkaido scallop (S$38++), and sliced Australian abalone (S$40++).

Double boiled soup

Succeeding the prosperous starter is the Double-boiled Winter Melon Soup. This is not your usual Cantonese-style soup. Think of a modern interpretation of the classic Cantonese favourite, and prepared with scallops, Spencer Gulf wild king prawns and abalone. Such a commendable rendition, one serving of this flavoursome soup is hardly enough!


The main is a Braised Naturland Organic Barramundi with fermented rice reduction and ginger paste. The beautiful white fish is flaky, and sustainable, of course. More popularly used in Thai cooking and Australian cuisine, the barramundis here at mezza9 are interpreted with similar influences, and the result is a smooth contrast of the mildly-sweet fish and a lightly spicy sauce.

Glutinous Sesame Balls

Glutinous Sesame Rice Ball in almond soup with gingko nut and white fungus – that shall be your sweet ending. Nothing quite as comforting as a milky almond soup with sweet dumplings that we grew up eating. A taste of home indeed, and Chinese New Year cannot get any cosier here at mezza9, really.

The four dishes are also available individually on the a la carte menu. On top of that, there are two more dishes that you might fancy – the Chinese cabbage wrapped fragrant brown rice with waxed preserved duck, yams and conpoy (S$38++), and braised pig’s trotter with herbs and spinach (S$58++).

StraitsKitchen Grand Hyatt


StraitsKitchen is a perennial favourite for those who want to enjoy a mouthwatering buffet spread of the best local favourites in a comfortable air-conditioned setting. From 18 to 20 Feb 2015, StraitsKitchen’s halal-certified kitchen will be whipping up special dishes including mini Buddha jumps-over-the-wall, glutinous rice with crab meat, ee fu noodles with shredded duck, and deep-fried traditional prosperity rice cakes and yams.


StraitsKitchen’s sustainable yu sheng will also be available for a la carte orders from 15 February to 5 March 2015, at SGD 28++, SGD 48++ and SGD 68++ respectively for a small, medium and large portion.

Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner (18 Feb 2015)
(Inclusive of the sustainable yu sheng buffet, selected juices, coffee and tea)
Adult: S$98++, Child: S$48++

Chinese New Year Buffet Lunch (19 Feb 2015)
Adult: S$60++, Child: S$34++

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner
(inclusive of the sustainable yu sheng buffet, selected juices, coffee and tea)
Adult: S$88++, Child: S$48++

Bai Fu Tu


The highlight of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Chinese New Year takeaway delights this year is the 100 Blessings of Good Fortune (S$288+) – a stunning box of 100 pieces of praline. Every piece of praline is carved individually with one out of a hundred character styles of “Fu”; some dating to the late Zhou and early Qing dynasty (221-206 BC).

This elegant Chinese graphology-inspired set includes dark, milk and white Swiss chocolates encasing six different flavours such as cognac, Earl Grey, mint, mocha, orange, and peanut butter. We cannot think of a better gift than this for your esteemed corporate clients! You can purchase the Bai Fu Tu at the shop – mezza9 starting from today.

Grand Hyatt CNY Takeaway

Need more gift ideas? There are aplenty here at the Grand Hyatt’s takeaway racks! Everything is packaged so elegantly, they make great gifts for your loved ones. Pick from a selection of kueh bangkit (S$28+), Nian Gao (S$38+), and our favourite Mahjong Praline Set (S$168+) – as the saying goes, this is so “full of win”.

Click here to view the full list of mezza9 Shop’s Chinese New Year Delights.

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