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Bellygood Catering

Every year, we have people asking us, “which caterer should we go to for Chinese New Year parties? I want someone reputable and reliable because it is a yearly dinner and I cannot disappoint my guests!”

Yes, we heard you, and we share the same concern. The last thing we want when we organise a party is to have the caterer screw up our food and let our guests go hungry. A hungry man is an angry man, and may we add that feeding lousy food to a hungry man is a monstrous thing to do.

Tunglok Catering

So we put our faith in Bellygood, TungLok’s catering arm, and know that our bellies will be very good and happy. The main reason why we love Bellygood is because of its affordability. Prices start from as low as S$10 to S$14 per person for a simple cocktail reception, whereas standard buffet packages range from only S$15 to S$20 per person.

More importantly, Bellygood Catering is halal certified. Our muslim friends will be able to enjoy the feast together with everyone. Need something in particular for your event? Bellygood will be more than happy to alter the menu and tailor-made it to your requirements.

Here’s sharing our early Lunar party and Bellygood Catering’s various Chinese New Year sets as well as Mini Party Sets that you can consider if you are still in search of a caterer for the upcoming parties.

We are also giving away Bellygood Caterer’s Party Set (worth S$288+ each) to 2 winners. Each party set can feed 8 to 10 guests, so you can invite your family and friends to celebrate Chinese New Year at your place this festive period. More details on how you can join the giveaway at the end of this post.

Bellygood Buffet


Bellygood has five options for Chinese New Year 2015. Menu A starts at S$29.80+ (minimum 50 persons) and the 10 dishes include Yusheng, Kampong Herbal Chicken, Sautéed Prawns with Garlic Spring Salt and Dory Fillet in Breadcrumbs.

The herbal chicken deserves a special mention – prepared with prized dang shen, pao shen, wolfberries, red dates and angelica herb, this comforting dish is the surest way to win everyone’s hearts. Also, look forward to Seafood Garlic Fried Rice in Banana Leaf and Sweetened Cream of Red Bean with Lotus & Lily Bulbs in this menu.

Cereal Prawn

Go work the sums and you would know what a great deal you are in for if you opt for Menu A – Golden Harvest. Nothing but premium dishes that are presentable and elegant; can you see the smiles on your guests’ faces already?


Smaller parties, fret not. A minimum of 50 persons sounds humongous and scary, but there is always Menu C for you. at S$39.80+ per person, this only requires a minimum of 30 persons. It also boasts a line-up of 10 dishes, and the highlights include Yusheng, Shanghai Braised Duck, Crispy Cereal Prawns, and Thai-style Deep-fried Butter Dory Fillet. We were completely amazed by the dory fillet. It sounds regular and common, but the freshness of the fish was complemented so well by the buttery batter; dunk those slices into the accompanying Thai sweet chilli dip for an extra oomph.

Mini Party Set


Looking for something even smaller for your cosy parties? You still do not have to cook, and yes, there are catering options for groups like that. Bellygood has a Mini Party Set that is attractively priced at S$17+ per person, and serves a minimum of 15 persons. Fuss-free and convenient, this options works best if you do not need any elaborate buffet set-up.

Bellygood Mini Party

The Mini Party Set does not come with any setup. The food will be packed in disposable containers and delivered warm to your doorstep. No hassle, nothing to clean up, no tear-down time; just a delicious meal cooked to order, and ready to eat. We actually really like this idea because caterers need to remember that there are always small parties with hosts who do not want to cook, and Bellygood is indeed very good for being so thoughtful to come up with a simple solution like the Mini Party Set!

Herbal Chicken

The menu spreads across 10 categories – from dim sum to meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and desserts – and you get to choose one dish from each category. Customize your own, and mix and match to please everyone’s preferences. There will definitely be more than enough food for everyone, and we shall all rub our tummies with happy sighs.

Pen Cai


This Chinese New Year, no more slogging in the kitchen to whip up a feast for your family. Bellygood’s Pen Cai Set (S$338+ for 8-10 pax) will take good care of that.

Pen Cai, or treasure pot, is one of the things that always have us looking forward to during Chinese New Year. A sumptuous pot filled with the best Chinese delicacies… Having it with our loved ones during reunion dinner never fail to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Bellygood’s rendition comes with abalone, dried oysters, herbal chicken, prawns, braised duck breast,and many other quality ingredients, and you can just imagine how heavenly it tastes.

The Chinese New Year menus are available from 18 to 25 February, and 5 March. For payment made with DBS debit/credit card, you will enjoy 10% off menu price. And for orders that are above S$1,000, receive 2 pairs of complimentary tickets to the Da Vinci exhibition (whilst stocks last).

Halal Certified Buffet Catering

To find out more about Bellygood’s catering options, you may visit You can also give them a call at +65 6694 1717 or email [email protected]



1. Bellygood Caterer is giving away 2 X Party Set Happiness Set B (worth S$288+ each) which can feed 8 to 10 guests. The Party Set consists of 9 dishes – Yusheng, Kampong Herbal Chicken, Dory Fillet, Sauteed Prawns, Braised Beancurd, Golden Money Bag, Seafood Garlic Rice. See the whole menu here.
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5. The Party Set does not include buffet setup, and you can redeem it from 23 Feb to 6 Mar.
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UPDATE: The winners are Oscar Chee and Eileen.

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