Burano Venice, The Happiest Island in Italy


A linear of rainbow houses with flower pots sitting on the windowsills, rivers after rivers lined with gondolas and little boats, and a big blue sky with the fluffiest clouds – that is Burano, the happiest island in Italy.

La Bella Burano, bella bella bellissimo.

What would seem like just a dreamland or a postcard is actually real and we were completely in awe upon stepping foot on this beautiful sanctuary of tranquility, peace and joy. We would go as far as to say that a trip to Burano should be on everyone’s bucket list, just because life should be colourful like a rainbow – just like that. Join us into the brilliant world of Burano, the happiest island in Italy.

Burano Houses

Burano Colourful Houses

Burano Venezia

Burano Italy


This may seem obvious, but everyone comes to Burano to admire the beautiful landscape, and to take postcard-worthy photos. Take as many photos as you like, and post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Burano is such a lovely place that you will immediately feel happy just being here.

Burano Main Street

Burano Lace

Burano Lace Shops

After taking a million photographs, check out some of the lace shops, which Burano is also known for since the 16th century. For those of you who are interested, there is a lace museum where you can find out more about the origins and history of lace making.

Al Gatto Nero


When visiting Burano, make sure to stop by Al Gatto Nero (Via Giudecca 88 – 30143 Burano Tel: +39 041 730120) for lunch. Known for serving the freshest seafood in Burano, if not Venice, Al Gatto Nero is a popular choice for visitors to Burano – even Jamie Oliver ranks it as one of his favourite restaurants. He even spent a few hours learning how to cook Al Gatto Nero’s signature risotto from the owner, and needless to say, the restaurant’s popularity skyrocketed after that.

Da Romano Risotto

Another place where you can dine at is Da Romano (Via Galuppi, 221, 30142 Burano Tel: +39 041 730030). On the menu, you can find a wide variety of seafood dishes, but it is famous for the risotto. Fans of Da Romano even went to the extent of proclaiming this as the World’s best risotto, and while we cannot say for sure if it was the best in the world, we have to agree that Da Romano’s Squid Ink Risotto (€16/pax, min 2 pax) was indeed exceptional. Perfectly consistent risotto that is neither too watery or dry.

If we had to choose between Da Romano or Al Gatto Nero, we would go to the latter because it is located in a quieter stretch in Burano; it is less crowded and touristy. But if you are greedy like us, go ahead and dine at both places.

Burano in Colours

Venice Ambulance

Venice Burano

Burano Venice

Venezia Burano


Hop on Vaporetto number 12 from Fondament Nove, which departs every half an hour. It takes 40 minutes from Venice. A single trip costs €7, so it is probably worth getting the day pass and you can explore the other islands like Murano and Torcello in the same day.

Burano is only 40 minutes away, and it is the perfect day trip from Venice.