12 Reasons Why A Trip To Venice Will Be The Best Decision Ever


Take a step back through time in Venice, one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres bursting with endless adventures and stories of the past. The beauty of Venice also lies in the fact that its buildings have remained mostly unchanged and that you can spend an entire day wandering Venice’s streets, piazzas, canals and never be bored.

If you are planning a trip to Italy sometime soon, you really have to spend cater a few days in your itinerary to explore the sinking city of Venice. It will definitely be one fulfilling trip that you’d remember for life.

Still not convinced that Venice is worth your time or curious to find out what is awaiting your discovery? Here are 12 Reasons Why A Trip To Venice Will Be The Best Decision Ever.


Burano Venice, The Happiest Island in Italy


A linear of rainbow houses with flower pots sitting on the windowsills, rivers after rivers lined with gondolas and little boats, and a big blue sky with the fluffiest clouds – that is Burano, the happiest island in Italy.

La Bella Burano, bella bella bellissimo.

What would seem like just a dreamland or a postcard is actually real and we were completely in awe upon stepping foot on this beautiful sanctuary of tranquility, peace and joy. We would go as far as to say that a trip to Burano should be on everyone’s bucket list, just because life should be colourful like a rainbow – just like that. Join us into the brilliant world of Burano, the happiest island in Italy.