Arteastiq Tea Bone China Millenia Walk Singapore

Arteastiq Tea Bone China

Speak about Arteastiq, and its tea lounge at Mandarin Gallery instantly comes to mind. Recently, the good people behind this one-of-its-kind art jamming cum studio café have gone traditional with its new restaurant Arteastiq Tea Bone China at Millenia Walk.

The décor was effortlessly classy, bringing a sense of nostalgia without the tackiness. We were especially fascinated by the birdcages that dangled from the ceiling, an attempt to recreate the experiences of olden-day Chinese merchants who’d bird-watch while sipping pots of tea.

The hotpot menu is limited, with a choice of 3 soup bases – Bak Kut Teh ($5.50), Pork Bone ($6.50) or Ginseng Chicken ($8.80), and a selection of ingredients such as Sliced Salmon ($14.80), Kampong Chicken ($11.80) and Vegetables ($6.80).


We went for the pork bone soup, which was comforting and flavourful, if just a tad heavy-handed on the salt. The Sliced Beef ($12.80) which a at first glance looked fresh and promising, turned out to be sinewy and lacking in flavour. Vegetables are, well, vegetables. But they made for a feel-good meal together with a bowl of brown rice ($2), which was cooked with a mish-mash of vegetables and beans.

Apart from the hotpots, Arteastiq dishes up a variety of communal dishes, from the ubiquitous pan-fried Silver Cod Fish ($16.80) to the intriguing Crispy Tofu with Chicken and Avocado Cream ($12.80).


We enjoyed the Siew Mai ($4.80) from the dim sum menu, but found the signature Xiao Long Baos ($6.80) unremarkable. If there is one dish we’d return to Tea Bone China for, it is the Wanton with hot chilli sauce ($5.80). Sitting in a pool of sourish, slightly spicy Chinese vinegar were 6 plump, juicy prawn and pork dumplings encased in a silky wanton skin. These were remarkably satisfying.

Arteastiq’s attempt to recreate the hotpot experience fine-dining style is commendable, but would probably not please traditionalists looking for a hearty hotpot meal since portions are small. While the experience is worth a visit, the food is not. With so many other dining options at Millenia Walk, we doubt we will be hurrying back any time soon.

Arteastiq Tea Bone China
9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-19/20 Millenia Walk
Tel: +65 6333 5117
Sun to Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 11pm

Words and photographs by Sarah Lim