Tour of Nestle Headquarters Vevey Switzerland

Nestle Headquarters Switzerland

With its diverse range of products, Nestle has always been a big part of my life. Milo has accompanied me throughout the years, while KitKat has never failed to cheer me up when I need a break. You can also find Koko Krunch, Maggi, and Smarties in my kitchen.

So when I first knew that I would be visiting Nestle Headquarters in Vevey Switzerland, I was very excited. Well, I think the word ‘excited’ is an understatement. I was thrilled and very happy.

Not everyone can visit it, of course, and it makes our trip even more special. Let me take you guys on a tour, and give you an exclusive peek of the Nestle Headquarters in Vevey Switzerland.

Nestle – Good Food, Good Life.


Nestle Visitors Centre

We started off by going to the Visitors Centre to learn more about the various brands and products by Nestle.


Maggi Brand

Nestle Initiative


Nestle Showroom

Halal Commitment


Infant Nutrition

Nestle Philosophy

Good food, good life. The four words sum up Nestle’s philosophy. The company is committed to giving back to the society, and every year, they invest a lot of money into research & development so as to constantly come up with better products (in the nutrition, health and wellness area) for consumers.

Nestle Staff Shop

Then, we went to the Nestle staff shop and did some shopping.

Chocolate Haven

Truffle Cognac

Digital Acceleration Team

We also had the chance to meet and have a chat with the folks from Nestle Digital Acceleration Team. It is amazing to see how Nestle has gathered a group of digital folks (from all over the world) in Switzerland to learn more about social media.

Brands are often afraid of using social media for fear of backlash, so it is very encouraging to see a big company like Nestle embracing the use of social media to engage and interact with consumers.

Nestle Digital Team

I did a short presentation to share my thoughts on social media. Essentially, I explained about the blogging world and how brands can reach out to engage the key opinion leaders/influencers. We had a very interesting discussion and it was really fun to talk with like-minded people.


After our discussion, we told the Nestle Digital Acceleration Team about planking – an activity whereby people are photographed face lying down in a stiffened arms and legs position – and even though they have never heard about it before, all of them sportingly tried it.

Digital Tracking

Realtime Tracking

It is nice to know that Nestle is very keen on engaging consumers. They understand that in this modern era, people want to be heard. Thus, the company is actively using the various online channels to find out more about what consumers want and need.

Nestle Digital Media Team

Shoutout to the Digital Acceleration Team for sharing valuable insights with us.

Staff Cafeteria

Following that, we continued our tour of Nestle’s Headquarters and took a walk outside. The staff cafeteria is housed in a beautiful building by the lake.

Nestle Restaurant

There is also a restaurant where staff can host visiting guests and clients. The meal that we had was very good, and it ended our Nestle adventure on a sweet note.


This year, Nestle celebrates its 100 years birthday in Singapore, and I am very glad that is has always being present in our lives through the offering of nourishing products enjoyed by all in the family. Do drop by Nestle’s website to find out more about the 100 years celebration.

Nestle Vevey

Full Disclosure & Fine Print: I travelled to Switzerland as a guest of Nestle and Finnair. No monetary benefits were received, only air tickets and hotel accommodations were sponsored.