My first jump with Skydive the Beach Sydney


Let me begin with a confession about me being a scaredy-cat. I hated outdoor adventures, I hated horror movies, I hated roller coasters, I hated anything that was (then deemed as) too scary. But that was a few years ago, and I have since changed to someone who is now open-minded and receptive towards embracing new phases and challenges.

So, when Scoot and Destination NSW arranged for us to attempt skydiving (OMG!!!) during our ‘Scoot off to Sydney trip‘, I knew it was something that I had to try at least once in my life despite my innate fear.

I literally took a leap of faith, and jumped out of the plane. To say that skydiving is amazing, would be an understatement. Trust me, it is one of the best things you can do in your life – I am so glad that I’ve tried it.

If you’ve always wanted to try skydiving, read on to find out about my experience.  After finishing this post, make sure you book a ticket on Scoot and go to Sydney for your first jump.

Skydive in Sydney Australia, here we go!

We did our jump at Wollongong – a beautiful seaside city located just south of Sydney. It is quite possibly one of the best places in Australia you can skydive as you get a magnificent view of the coastal area.

Bald Hill

Before the dive, we were listening to people who have done it before, and it was kind of intimidating for Dawn (my awesome travelling partner for this trip) and I. Still, nothing was going to stop us, and we proceeded to sign the indemnity form. Gulp.

Skydive Sydney

Preparation was a breeze with the help from the well-trained staff, and after everything was done, we took a 20 minutes bus ride to the airport.

When the plane took off, all nervous thoughts were gone. At 14,000 ft, the view was incredible. I was too busy looking at the beautiful coast to be afraid, and even though I was the first one to jump, I did not feel tense at all.

And then, the jump. Everything happened so quickly. All I remember was jumping off the plane, and in an instance, I was free-falling (which lasted for 60 seconds). It was absolutely amazing (for the lack of a better word). Amazing, amazing, amazing! Then, I felt a gentle pull, and the parachute was up. We began to descend slowly; it was really peaceful and nice. At that point, it felt as though I had the whole world to myself. I have never felt so peaceful and happy in my life.

From the fluffy white clouds; to the clear blue skies; to the cars (they looked like toys) moving around, to the powerful waves splashing towards the coast; and the breathtaking view of the whole Wollongong – I could see everything so clearly.

My instructor showed me how to control the parachute, and I had fun turning us around. Shortly after, we landed. I could not stop smiling to myself – it is definitely one of the best memories in my life. I am happy to tick this off my bucket list. Skydiving is not scary at all. It is something that everyone must try it at least once.

Skydiving instructor

And of course, the life-changing experience does not come cheap. Tandem skydive is A$285 on weekdays, and A$339 on weekends. You can check out Skydive the Beach Sydney for more information.


Full Disclosure & Fine Print: I travelled to Sydney as a guest of Scoot Airlines and Destination NSW. No monetary benefits were received, only air tickets and hotel accommodations were sponsored.