Tom’s Palette Ice Cream Singapore

Tom's Palette Ice Cream Singapore

Tom’s Palette at Shaw Leisure Gallery is a local ice cream parlour which specialises in homemade ice cream with very unique and exotic flavours. Are you game to try ice cream flavours like Longgan Red Date, Sarsi, and chrysanthemum?

With the exception of Haato ice cream at Clarke Quay and the newly opened Seventh Heaven at the basement of Takashimaya, most of the other homegrown ice cream shops like Island Creamery, Daily Scoop, Udders Ice Cream (just to name a few) are not in town. The location of Tom’s Palette is one of the reasons why I keep going back – it is located within a 5 minutes walk from City Hall or Bugis.

Tom’s Palette has always been known for their exotic ice cream flavours. On the few occasions that I was there, I managed to sample quite a few different flavours:

The Sarsi-flavoured ice cream was somewhat similar to a root beer float, with subtle hints of Sarsi. With a darker shade of green, the chrysanthemum had a very distinct and clean sensation.

Even though it was soft and slightly melted, the Salted Caramel Cheesecake was divine: silky smooth with an airily light cheesecake taste, it was my favorite among the different flavours that I’ve tried. I shall declared this as Tom’s Palette best ice cream!

The Melt & Sizzle Berries and Chocolate Pops was also a revelation. The chocolate pop gave a sizzling sensation, and it felt as though the chocolate was dancing on the tip of my tongue.

And then there’s the Chocolate Sorbet. It was bitter, and much darker than the Imperial Dark (made of 95% Dark Chocolate) that I tried at Galta’s Gelato. On its own, the Chocolate Sorbet was too bitter for me to stomach, so I decided to pair it with a scoop of White Chocolate with Cranberry and it was brilliant! The extremely sweet white chocolate provided the perfect counterbalance to the dark chocolate sorbet: it was a happily-ever-after ending.

* * *

The ice cream flavours at Tom’s Palette will change periodically, so if there’s a particular ice cream that you want to try, do give them a call to see when it will be out.

Which is your favourite local ice cream places in Singapore?

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Tom’s Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Leisure Gallery Singapore
Tel: +65 6296 5239