Dessert Buffet at One Ninety Four Seasons Singapore

One Ninety Dessert Buffet Singapore

“I know a place that has the potential to be the best dessert buffet in Singapore, but I’m not telling anyone until I check it out.”

I tweeted this about two weeks ago, and I think it’s time to let the world know about the Dessert Buffet at One Ninety Restaurant Four Seasons Singapore. If you are lazy to read this post, just know two things: a) the dessert buffet is $12++ $18++/pax, and b) it is available from Monday to Friday 12.30pm – 2.30pm 2pm – 3.30pm.

Even though the dessert buffet at One Ninety Restaurant Four Seasons Singapore doesn’t have a wide variety of desserts, I think it is one of the best dessert buffets in Singapore for a number of reasons:

Desserts Singapore

One. It is only $12 $18++/pax.

Do I really need to explain this? A slice of cake at Canele Patisserie will easily cost $8++. Just a word of caution, the root of all problems is expectation — don’t expect too much. Almost all the desserts for the buffet are shown in the first photo.

Four Seasons Cheesecake

Two. This is Four Seasons Singapore.

We are talking about having lunch (okay, desserts) at a Five Star Hotel in Singapore. It is a nice feeling to enjoy an afternoon tea buffet in the dimly lit One Ninety Restaurant at Four Seasons Singapore, and watch the world go by.

Dessert Buffet Singapore

Three. There’s no need to rush, take your time and indulge in the desserts.

Unlike the Japanese Dessert Buffet: Let’s Sweet at Bugis Junction which has a 60 min time limit for buffet lunch, and 80 min time limit for buffet dinner, there’s no need to rush to finish your desserts at One Ninety Restaurant.

One Ninety Four Seasons Singapore

Four. I think I’m wasting my time if you are still not convinced by now, so I shall tell you about some of the desserts that we had at the dessert buffet.

I’m not going to elaborate much on the cakes since the selections change every now and then. But some of the items that we had at the dessert buffet are: Chocolate Pot de Creme which is somewhat like a chocolate mousse with yummy whipped cream, the pretty but dry Fruit Cake, Caramelized Pineapple that tasted like fruit punch, Macanese Sarradura Pudding otherwise known as the tofu-cake-that-has-digestive-biscuits, the unexciting and soggy Tiramisu, the christmassy Cinnamon Star and Stollen (loaf-shaped cake), squarish Pumpkin Tarts that are arranged nicely on a wooden board, amazing Chocolate Praline Cake which is beside the equally good Grandma’s Chocolate cake (moist and sweet), simple and cute mini fruit tarts, the oh-my-god-so-good Lingon Berry Cheese Cake, and a few desserts shooter which I can’t remember now because I ate them before noticing the name.

* * *

Is the Dessert Buffet at One Ninety Four Seasons Singapore worth taking a day of leave? Well, if you are trying to clear your leave before the year ends, I think it will be a great idea to have a whole day of feasting (it’s the Christmas festive period after all).

Eat Kaya Toast in the morning, and head to Four Seasons at Orchard road for the dessert buffet, enjoy an all day breakfast at Wild Honey, and go to Koh’s Grill & Sushi during dinner for some Japanese food.

LATEST UPDATE: Come on, why are you thinking so much? It’s only $12 $18++/pax! If you cannot have just desserts for lunch, the One Ninety Lunch Buffet with unlimited appetizers & dessert, which comes with a choice of main course is at $48++/pax.

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