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Spanish Paella

I am in love with tomatoes. It may sounds crazy, but I’m head over heels in love, and addicted to them. Who the hell eats tomato as snack while watching TV? Me. The irony is, I remember my mother used to force me to eat tomatoes when I was young and back then, I gave all sorts of excuses not to eat them. I only started to like them after the beauty blogger told me about the benefits of having tomatoes. Okay I digress, but there’s a reason why I’m talking about tomatoes — Spanish cuisine makes heavy use of ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and mushrooms. Honey, we are having Spanish food today!

Zsofi Tapas Bar is a quirky and fun Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. I know it’s a rather strange place to go for Spanish food, but hey, there’s French food in Little India too!

Look at that beauty up there. Tell me, who can resist not eating the Spanish Paella?

I think the Spanish Paella is an amazing creation. It may seem simple enough to throw in a variety of ingredients like prawn, mussel, tomatoes, chorizo, saffron into a pan, but preparing a good paella is never easy.

I like the Paella Valecia ($35) from Zsofi Tapas Bar. Tasty isn’t exactly an appropriate word to describe it since there are so many flavors within. I’m not too sure if this is the best Spanish paella in Singapore since I haven’t tried that many before, but it is definitely one of the better paella.

Spanish Food Singapore

Be it with a group of friends, or in the company of loved ones – I love the idea of having Sangria with a few Spanish tapas and Paella after a long day of work.

One day, I’m going to fly to Spain and take lots of photos to make all of you jealous. But until then, I can only visit the Spanish restaurants in Singapore to satisfy my cravings for paella, chorizo, churros and Spanish Tapas.

Sometimes, it’s good to step out of our comfort zone and explore new places and experience new cuisine. If you have never tried Spanish Cuisine before, it’s time to read my list of Spanish restaurants in Singapore. Zsofi Tapas Bar serves a free tapas with the purchase of every alcoholic drink.

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Zsofi Tapas Bar
68 Dunlop Street Singapore
Tel: +65 6297 5875

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