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Bonchon Fried Chicken

While we were having brunch at Wild Honey, my friends casually mentioned that 4 Fingers Bonchon at Ion Orchard has the best chicken wings in Singapore. Since then, I have been thinking about their chicken wings all day long, and when my friend wanted to meet at Ion Orchard, I told her that we had to try the 4 Fingers Bonchon crispy chicken!

If I become fat one day, I will blame everything on “causal talks” like this. Coincidentally, my visit to No. 5 Emerald Hill for their chicken wings also started with an innocent chat on twitter.

We had the Bonchon crispy chicken, which consisted of wings and drummettes in either soy garlic or spicy flavors. The crispy skin was well marinated with soy garlic, but the meat was lacking in terms of depth – it just tasted ordinary. Despite that, it’s definitely easy to finish a dozen chicken wings on your own and the fries that came with the set meal were actually quite good.

4 Fingers Bonchon Ion

4 Fingers Bonchon at Ion Orchard also has other items like chicken chop on the menu, and they also sell ‘party-packages’ for their famous chicken wings.

Have you tried the 4 fingers bonchon chicken wings before? I’m just curious, but where do you usually eat when you are in Ion Orchard?

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4 Fingers Bonchon Chicken Wings
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