Sunday Breakfast at Epicurious Cafe Singapore

Epicurious Burger

Sundays are so very nice. I get to sleep in late and nobody can point a finger at me. Oh what the heck, I can even have a burger for breakfast and you will not judge me for this.

How many times have I blog about the breakfast at Epicurious Cafe? How many different types of eggs have I ordered, and how often can I revisit Epicurious Cafe without seeming crazy? If it’s up to me (without consulting my wallet), I’d definitely come here for breakfast every weekend since Railmall is just five minutes away.

Contrary to what most people, it is OKAY to have burgers for breakfast. Why not? Since I had burgers at midnight before, I don’t see why I can’t have them for breakfast.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Epicurious burger ($18) serves one if your name is Brad, or two if you don’t have a big appetite. Add cheese, bacon and egg ($2 each, or $4 for all 3 toppings) for the “full epicurious burger experience”. This baby is humongous!


I started breakfast with Pancakes ($7 for 3) of course. A lot of syrup was consumed and I ate the three pancakes on my own. What an achievement! It may not seems like a lot to you, but pancakes mean the world to me. I’d marry any one who makes me pancakes for breakfast.

Baked Eggs

One of my favorite breakfast items on the Epicurious Cafe’s menu is the Baked Eggs with toast soldiers ($6.50 for 1). We ordered two portions and the first one that arrived was splendid. There’s something special about the combination of eggs and bacon in semi-molten form. Unfortunately, the second serving was rushed out of the oven way too early, and the baked eggs was too watery.

Nutella Sandwich

The Cafe offered to replace the Baked eggs with the Choco-nana sandwich ($6). Now, nutella is surely one of the best creations on earth. Spreading a thick layer of the wholesome nutella on white bread is the most sensible thing a person can do.

My middle name is nutella.

Epicurious Cafe

Look, I’m not saying Epicurious Cafe has the best brunch in Singapore. But for the kind of price and the comfort food they serve, Epicurious cafe is definitely still one of my favorite breakfast places in Singapore. I’m probably not going to blog about their breakfast again. So if you know what’s good for you, go to Epicurious cafe (or any brunch places) today for a good Sunday brunch.

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Epicurious Cafe
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