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Team Singapore

“How do you stay so slim when you eat so much?”

This is one of the questions that I always get as people are surprised that I actually manage to stay quite slim even though I have a rather exciting food adventure. There’s only one answer for it — I exercise regularly.

When I was in Secondary school, one of the lessons that I really dreaded was Physical Education (often abbreviated P.E.). I was quite awkward when it came to playing sports, especially ball games. But ever since I started my food blog, there’s a need for me to exercise more due to the increased amount of calories I consumed.

Initially, I started running because it’s a really effective way to lose weight. But after a while, I really enjoyed running as it allows me to clear my mind and helps to destress after a long day of work. Still, it takes a lot of commitment and self-motivation to run 4-5 times a week. That’s why I can really understand how much dedication and hard work our Team Singapore athletes put in to get to where they are today. As the Chinese saying goes, the competition may be just one day, but it takes them months and months of training to prepare for it.

Team Singapore athletes represent our country in various major sport games and identified international sports competitions. Hey folks, if the athletes are putting their heart and soul into their training to achieve glory for our country, the least we can do for them is follow their news and show them our support!

Isabelle Li

If my memory does not fail me, I remember the first time that I heard of the name ‘Isabelle Li‘ was after her exploits at the 2008 Taoyuan International  (ITTF Junior Circuit) – where she clinched the Gold medal for the U15 Girls’ Singles category.

I had the opportunity to interview Isabelle, and I asked her was the most memorable competition/game. Surprisingly, she  chose to mention her Singles quarter-final defeat in the Asian youth games.

“I didn’t choose a competition in which I was crowned champion because I think in sports, victory doesn’t define sporting moments. It is the emotions that you experience and the hard fight which helps you grow, as a person.”

What exactly do athletes eat?

This question has always been on my mind especially since I’m a food blogger. I’m pretty sure that they have to stick with a special diet. Naturally, it was the first question I asked Isabelle – what do you eat everyday?

“There is no particular diet which I have to adhere to. We are allowed to eat anything, but I will try to maintain a healthy diet. Most of the time I will eat the food provided by the Sports School or home-cooked food prepared by my mom.” Isabelle replied.

So there is no particular diet athletes need to follow? That finally clear things up, but I guess it’s highly unlikely to see them binge on junk food as maintaining a healthy diet is of utmost importance for them to stay in good shape for the games.

Singapore Youth Athletes

I’m sure you will know by now, that Singapore is currently organizing the first ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG) which will be held during 14 – 26th August. I was in the National University of Singapore (NUS) to give a talk on food photography that day, and I was very lucky to witness the arrival of the sacred flame passing through the campus. It’s one thing to see the flame on television, and another to see it right before your eyes. Wow! The very fact that the YOG is held on our home ground gives us even more reason to support and root for our Team Singapore athletes!

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