Coffee Bean & Tea leaf: Grandma’s carrot cake

Ah ma! Ah ma! I want another slice of that. The brownish-orange cake with the smooth cream frosting on top. What is that name again? Yes, carrot cake. Another slice please, before kor-kor comes back from school. Time passed, and ages caught up with us eventually. Ah ma is no longer as young as she was before. And the energy, effort put into making the kuehs, also diminished with every passing day.


Coffee Bean’s carrot cake isn’t the best carrot cake that I’ve. But then again, I didn’t have that many before to compare it with. And yes, I know I haven’t try the legendary one from Cedele yet. Anyway, even though the cream frosting was generous, but the raisins were too much for my personal liking. And the No-study sign is a joke.

Coffee Bean & Tea leaf
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