Pizza Hut Singapore Christmas Special

Pizza Hut Christmas Special

Garlic Bread, Spicy Drumlets, Pepperoni Pizza, Curry Zazzle Baked Rice… at the mention of these and it will set a curve on everyone’s lips. Oh, how we all love Pizza Hut, a household name that is so familiar and one that we all grew up with! But this Christmas, apart from these classic favourites, get ready to embark on a tantalising journey with Pizza Hut as we sit back, relax and cosy up for a heartening meal with several festive specials.

Double Decker Pizza Making

Last week, I had an early Christmas celebration with 50 of my readers at Pizza Hut. We were all in for plates after plates of happy food – Christmas Platter, Criss Cross Fries, Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta, Roasted Chicken Leg and the new Christmas Double Decker Pizza!

We are also giving away 2 X S$50 vouchers, read more to find out how you can win them.


We started our party with Criss Cross Fries and a Christmas Platter which comprises the addictive Crispy Tempura Prawn, the irresistible Cheesy Baked Potato and the Spicy BBQ Drumlets, which is a new permanent item on Pizza Hut’s menu. The original Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets are one of my favourite items at Pizza Hut, and before this, I would have never imagined that it could actually taste even better. But Pizza Hut has done the impossible with the Spicy BBQ Drumlets! The original Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets are marinated with an addictive BBQ sauce – they are so good that I can easily polish off a dozen on my own.

Pizza Making

Christmas Pizza Making

After having the appetisers, two lucky readers joined me to learn how to bake the Double Decker Pizza. The restaurant manager gave us a step-by-step guide on preparing the Double Decker Pizza. It was a priceless experience since it is not everyday that we get to witness the secrets behind those amazing Pizza Hut pizzas. And to top it off, we all went home appreciating pizzas a lot more after understanding how the process of creating one is so intricate with so much depth and considerations going behind every ingredient, every measurement and every step.

Roasted Chicken Leg

We then proceeded to dig in to the array of main courses – Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta, Roasted Chicken Leg, and the Christmas Double Decker Pizza. The general consensus from everyone was that the roasted chicken leg was an unexpected pleasant surprise, for it was every bit succulent and well-marinated, grilled to retain its freshness and natural sweetness, and flavourful on both the skin and flesh.

Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta

We were also marvelled by how good the Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta was. Perfumed with a strong hint of truffle and generously topped with chunky mushrooms, every spoonful was a joy and soon before we knew it, the entire plate was gone and resting happily in our tummies.

While Pizza Hut is famous for its iconic pizzas, it has been creating many mouth-watering pastas and main courses over the past few years, and I dare to say that they are as good as the pizzas.

Double Decker Pizza

The Double Decker Pizza has quickly become one of my favourite pizzas – I love the Hawaiian and Super Supreme – at Pizza Hut. My main criterion for a good pizza is that it must be cheesy enough, and with four different types of cheeses, the Double Decker Pizza definitely meets, and in fact exceeds the requirement. Surrounded with a cheesy stuffed crust, it combines two layers of Christmassy toppings – separated by a tortilla – in a pizza. It is lavishly topped with chicken pepperoni, capsicums, Christmas turkey, and the sensational mango mayonnaise. It is a very Christmassy pizza that is perfect for sharing with your family and loved ones during this celebratory period.

ladyironchef Pizza Hut Outing

ladyironchef Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Christmas Pizza

Dine-in Christmas Specials

Pizza Hut has several Dine-in Christmas Specials (20 Nov 2013 – 1 Jan 2014). Couples can go for the Christmas Delight Meal (S$34++, U.P S$46.10) which comes with one regular Double Decker Pizza, two soups of the day, and two selected Sparkles.

The Christmas Party Meal (S$64++, U.P S$102.10) is a hearty feast for a family of 4. It features 1 regular Double Decker Pizza, Criss Cross Fries, two selected mains, four soups of the day, and four selected Sparkles.

Pizza Hut Christmas Harley Davidson

To make this Christmas special for fans of Pizza Hut, there will be a fleet of Christmas Harleys going around Orchard Road, Marina Boulevard, and CDB area to spread the festive joy this weekend (13 – 15 Dec 2013). You can win weekly cash prizes by snapping a picture of the Christmas Harleys and share it by loading on facebook with #PizzaHutHarleys.

#XmasDoubleDeckerPizza Contest

Take a picture of the Double Decker Pizza, post it on your facebook with the hashtag #XmasDoubleDeckerPizza, and a caption of why you like the Double Decker Pizza. The post with the most likes will win S$300 cash. The contest ends on 16 Dec 2013, and the winner will be announced and notified Facebook on 23 Dec 2013.

Giveaway for ladyironchef’s readers

Pizza Hut is kindly giving away 2 X S$50 vouchers.
1. Like Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page
2. Share this post on facebook
3. Leave a comment in this post and tell us why you would like to try the Double Decker Pizza
4. Closing Date of the contest: 13 Dec 2013. Winners will be notified by email.

Updated // The two winners of the Pizza Hut Giveaway are Shermaine and Hock Guan.

This post is brought to you by Pizza Hut Singapore. 


A double decker pizza wld probably the bestest food i can ever have after all the restricted foods i was been put through due to extraction of all my wisdom tooth at one go and a recent flu attack. I need this one shot bless of FOOD!

I am so excited for the Double Decker Pizza! Firstly I have always been a fan of Pizza Hut no matter what other pizza stores open up (eg Canadian pizza) because Pizza Hut always offers that something extra and what I love most is that the Double Decker Pizza has a cheesy stuffed crust. I’m really excited about the Christmas toppings as I love turkey. I would love to try the Double Decker Pizza as I know my family and I would definitely love the treat! It’s a good thing my family is small, so I wouldn’t have to share so much of that pizza with others. Merry Christmas!

Double Decker Pizza definitely sounds great for Christmas party! Two layers of Christmassy toppings = 2 layers of joy for everyone to share! Even with no Christmas decoration, by just looking at the pizza already gives a very Christmassy feel to it =)

I would love to try the Double Decker Pizza as it is loaded with all my fav food such as the cheese , turkey,not to mention the mango mayo ! It is making me drool as I typed this now! It would make the perfect pizza to share with my family!

The Double Decker Pizza looks awesome with all the toppings and the amount of cheese. Would be a great way to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family!

From the picture of the Double Decker Pizza, they look so tempting and delicious! The crust on the sides of the pizza filled with cheese, also not forgetting the top of the pizza garnished with more cheese. Cheese and cheese and cheese accompanied with chicken pepperoni, capsicums, Christmas turkey, and mango mayonnaise! Indeed a splendid treat to share and enjoy with the family!

I’m a CHEESE lover and Double Decker Pizza has four different types of cheese! Definitely a must try for me. Furthermore it has mango mayonnaise on it. What’s there not to love? YUMS.

Thanks Brad for this delicious post!
My family is a great fan and friend of cheese, and this Double Decker pizza sounds like a deal not to be miss! I wonder how mango mayonnaise would go along with Cheese, and from your post where you said ‘it far exceeds the requirement’, I can tell that Pizza Hut has outdo itself again! :) I hope to bless and surprise my family this Christmas with a Double Decker pizza, and perhaps invite my neighbour too! They’re Muslims and it’s a great opportunity to get to know them because Pizza Hut is halal!

I’ve always been a fan of pizzas, always seeking for new variations of it with different toppings (hehe especially having it with loads of cheese) and from thin to thick crust. It’s certainly the first time I’ve seen a double decker pizza and it looks so uniquely awesome ! I Can’t wait to try out this new creation with my loved ones this christmas, it would be such a blessing. <3

When i saw the picture of Double Decker for the very first time, it makes my eyes bigger! It is soo irresistable!! I want to try it so badly. I’m a super fan of cheese. When saw the description that it made from 4 types of cheese, I’m super excited! Make me want to try it as soon as possible. The pizza is really made beautifully. Santa chef is coming to town!!

Double Decker Pizza = Double the awesome, no? Tortillas in a pizza?! Such an ingenious idea because I love tortillas and I LOVE pizzas! The crazy-cheezy-loaded Double Decker looks like the perfect pizza my family’s gonna fall in love with this festive season. The Double Decker will indeed bring me and my family a real merry, merry Christmas! Say, ‘Cheese!’ :)

I’d love to try the Double Decker Pizza as it has 4 different types of cheeses and is surrounded with a cheesy stuffed crust! Since I’m a CHEESE FANATIC, I’ll love to eat this by myself but since Christmas is round the corner, it’s better to share this pizza with my family and friends while celebrating the holiday season! = ))

It is like one stone kills two birds after reading your be able to enjoy the two wonderful pizza together. Super love the cheese…Hope to win so that I can also enter the XmasDoubleDeckerPizza Contest.

I would love to try the Double Decker Pizza as it is so CREATIVELY decked with the HAPPIEST ingredients for this jolly season – CHEESES, TORTILLA & TURKEY!! This PERFECT FOOD SYNERGY just gives DOUBLE JOLLY GOODNESS in every single bite!! “Ho Ho Ho(? in hokkien)! I wanna share it with my loved ones.”

The Double Decker Pizza reminds me of the merry go round that brings me joy when i was a child. The double decker pizza’s two rounds of generous yulutide toppings of chicken pepperoni, turkey, capsicum, cheese drizzled with mango mayonnaise sauce is the perfect yumilicious christmassy pizza that will bring me and my family round of round of christmassy joy, warmth and sweet memories with each bite this X’mas holiday. Feeling so excited to indulge in this yumilicious double decker pizza by pizza hut.

I would love to try Double Decker Pizza as it definitely sounds great for Christmas party! Two layers of Christmassy toppings = 2 layers of joy for everyone to share! I am hoping to share this pizza with my family.

I would love to try the new Xmas Double Decker Pizza from Pizzahut!
“Pizzahut”, from the name itself, the restaurant is indeed known for its amazing concoction of new recipes/twist in its pizza flavours ^^
Being a fellow cheese lover myself, I love anything cheesy. And if a pizza is cheesy and ooey, it’s really appealing to try it out :D
Love it especially that the crust of the pizza is filled with cheese, double the cheese & the enjoyment!???
I always leave out the crust when i’m eatin pizza, def not this time!
Hope I’ll be lucky to win the vouchers and bring my family along to enjoy the pizza, pasta and the new chicken drumlets! xo

Wow your blogpost changed my opinion towards pizzahut, used to think they were only famous for pizzas, didn’t know their pasta tastes as good!
Would like to Double Decked pizza because of its DOUBLE LAYER, OMG with my huge appetite (I’m sure it’ll filling and satisfying, plus it’s cheesy hah)
And mango mayonnaise sauce? First time I’ve heard that, really want to try it out

keep up the good work pizzahut :D

Supposed to be one of the 50 readers to join ladyironchef for the Christmas party. Because I’m sick and I’ve missed the chance. So I hope that I can win this giveaway because I’m a huge fan of pizza. So that I can use this voucher to try their new Christmas pizza with my boyfriend.

You already have me mouthwatering at the mention of cheese stuffed crust pizza and four types of cheese. It’s two layers of what sounds like Christmas in your mouth! And it’s pizza! It’s always a good time for pizza! Much less from Pizza Hut!!! No matter how many times you venture out and try other pizzas, you always find your way back home with Pizza Hut. Their pizzas can do no wrong. Every new concoction they have come up with in their kitchen has never failed to make me go mmmm!! And I love the fact that pizza is meant to be shared. So can my tummy please make a date with Pizza Hut, where I get to share this new double decker pizza with my loved ones and go mmmmmmmm!!!

After reading your blog post & just by looking at the nice & yummy pictures already make my saliva drooling and would be excited to try the Double Decker Pizza simply because I am a pizza lover and Single Decker Pizza is always never enough for me and everytime when I eat at Pizza Hut, I wished there will be “double” layers of fresh & yummy-licious ingredients just like other fastfood restaurants which offer “double” patty burgers. Now my wish have come true after know that Pizza Hut have introduced Double Decker Pizza with 2 layers of Savoury Turkey Pepperoni with cheesy stuffed crust and a layer of tortilla with Christmassy Turkey ham and Adam cheese which are all my favourites toppings ! Hope “Ladyironchef” & “Pizza Hut Singapore” can make my wish come true and let me win the vouchers so I can use it to buy the Double Decker Pizza & share with my dearest mum & my God-brother during this festive period and I can also write reviews and take photos while enjoying the delicious Double Decker Pizza !
Thank You “Ladyironchef” & “Pizza Hut Singapore” for the wonderful introduction of the Singapore’s best and yummy pizzas! =)

I would love the Double Decker Pizza because the regular pizzas are just too mainstream!!! Why stick to 1 layer of fantastic pizza when I can have TWO layers!

WOW!! Looks like this Double Decker Pizza is a must have for our Christmas on the 24th dec!! Your insightful reviews are complemented with captivating photos to stimulate my senses. And now they are calling for the Double Deck Pizza!! The best thing i like about it is the 2 layers of savory toppings. mannnn, which pizza has ever had 2 layers of topping? shiok la! I always feel that the topping on pizzas are really not enough! always one thin layer. Pizza hut always comes up with very new ideas for their pizza flavours, this time, marrying the 2 layers of topping together. I’m sure its gonna be a clever move and diners at pizza hut are gonna have the best of both worlds with its cheesy stuffed crust!

i’m a cheese lover!! always had to flood my pizza with the bottled cheese that pizza hut provides. So i’m a big fan of the cheesy stuffed crust! It makes the boring crust filled with awesomeness!!

Never have i ever heard of mango mayonnaise. Something new to me!

Double Decker Pizza, more than double the joy!! exponential surge of happiness for pizza hut fans like me! So many reasons to go back to Pizza Hut again and again!
wait for me~ Double Decker Pizza~~!!!

When I eat with a group of friends @ Pizza Hut, we always have different opinion of what to eat. If we order 2 pizza, it will be too much for us to finish. With double decker, we can have different topping on a single pizza. Fantastic.

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