Revolver Espresso Seminyak Bali

Revolver Espresso

Revolver Espresso is one of the coolest coffee joints in Seminyak, Bali. If you love coffee, and enjoy cafe-hopping, you have to drop by Revolver for a cuppa when you are exploring Jalan Laksmana.

Besides coffee, this boutique coffee house also serves salads (Rp 40,000/S$5), great sandwiches (Rp 35,000/S$4.50) and hearty breakfast food (Rp 45,000/S$5.80) on the menu.

Revolver Coffee

One will be hard-pressed to find Revolver Espresso unless they are in the know, or stumble on it entirely by accident. The easiest way is to look out for Bali Clinic as they are tucked in a lane opposite the clinic. Alternatively, you can enter from the back of Home Store or This is a Love Song store.

Revolver Espresso at Gang 51
Jalan Kayu Aya No 3, Oberoi
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: 0361 788 4968
Daily: 8am – 5pm


I envy you for being in Bali! That island has been my personal favourite getaway and the food scene (at the right places) offers decent quality food for bargain price (!!). If you are staying for few more days, I would suggest that you visit Metis (lunch), Biku (afternoon tea), Sarong (dinner), and Ibu Oka (brunch). Those are my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Ps: Metis, biku, and sarong are all located within the same area (seminyak) so you might want to allocate a whole day in seminyak to visit all three. You can also hop in bars in the area in between each grubs, most bars around that area are in fact the most happening in Bali (eg. Potato Head, Ku De Ta, Mozaic, Woo Bar, Hu’u).

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