Nana Thai Golden Mile Complex

Nana Thai

Whether it’s green chicken curry you are craving, or pad thai, tom yum or green mango salad, Nana Thai at Golden Mile Complex has it all. And the best part? The food is authentic and very affordable. Something tells me that I will be a regular at this humble Thai eatery.

The menu is large. Besides the usual tom yum ($10), pineapple rice ($7), stir-fried glass noodle ($5), they also have Thai hotpot ($30), and a selection of grilled items done in Thai style.

Thai Salad

The mango salad ($5) – which arrived shortly after we took a few sips of the excellent Thai milk tea – turned out to be more than we bargained for; it looked like an ordinary mango salad, but it was fiery hot. Definitely not everyone, but those who enjoy the heat, will love it.

Another dish that we enjoyed was the stir fried basil minced pork ($10). Again, it was much spicier than it looked, but it didn’t stopped us from wiping the plate clean.

The pad thai ($5) – one of my all time favourite Thai dishes – is also something that you must order. It was moist and well-fried, and I was swooning with every bit; it was that good.

Green Curry

Then we had Thai green curry chicken ($10). It was decent but nothing to shout about. Nana Thai’s tom yum ($10), on the other hand, was fantastic. It was very flavourful and well-balanced; it hit all the right notes for spicy, sweet and sour. The fact that I finished the whole pot, tells you a lot about the soup.

Tom Yum

The food at Nana Thai Restaurant at Golden Mile Complex is simple, but earnest and delicious. If you have not ventured to “little Bangkok” in Singapore, it is time to do so.

Nana Thai Restaurant
5001 Beach Road #01-51/52/66C
Golden Mile Complex Singapore

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There is another one near the right small entrance of golden mile. The boss teeth is bogeh. I forgot the name, small coffee shop. Very nice tom yam, pineapple rice, etc.. cheaper than most resurants there.

tbh, nana thai is slightly overpriced for the portions that they serve, although they are probably the only place in golden mile that serves jim joom, which is the thai hotpot pictured above. Me and my kakis will usually head to the back right side of the complex to beer thai restaurant instead. no frills, down to earth, reasonable and yet superbly delicious thai food. a must try will be the stewed pork trotters on rice.

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