Tiong Bahru Market: Kway Chap

I have been looking for nice kway chap for a while now, but I can’t seem to find them though.My latest hunt brought me to Tiong Bahru Market, a quick glance around resulted in two stores selling kway chap, and i chose this store over the other because this store had a slightly longer queue than the other on that day.

On a personal note, I felt that kway chap stalls does not usually have a standard rate, the charges are to their discretion and can differ on a rather wide range. I’m not saying all kuay chap stalls do that, but obviously there will be some rouge stalls around.

The kway (rice noodle sheet) was a tad too thick for my liking, and i found the soup average.

Kway Chap ($4 for one person serving)

For a person serving at $4, there’s one whole egg, taupok, and pig intestines. Even though the portion should suffice for a person, but i found the variety rather miserable, there’s no pork belly, no small intestines, no duck meat no beancurd, you know the usual stuff for kway chap.

Of course there is, but you just have to pay more for more variety. That’s why i say $4 can’t really get you much for kway chap. Nevertheless they did a passable kway chap, but there isn’t the “oomph” factor to make me try them again. Probably will test out the other kway chap stall in Tiong Bahru Market the next time round.

Kway Chap
Tiong Bahru Market


duck meat is usually not there for a normal bowl of kway chap. there’s a stall that sells nice kway chap at west mall but the sauce is too salty.

There’s also a chinese restaurant at west mall which i usually frequent (not for the past year though) They serve some dim sum. the guo tie is totally HUGE. haha. I don’t know whether you have been there before. The restaurant is called mayim (tian le li in chinese) It’s located right next to swensen. The pricing is quite reasonable as well. There’s no char siew sou though. :D

i went mayim on sun 7 feb and ordered the guo tie (3 pcs) and xiao long bao (3 pcs).

the guo tie is large and has juice inside. caught me by surprise, cos i am used to the smaller and dry versions. i still prefer the dry versions. a soupy guo tie dont make sense to me. so that’s a fail.

the xiao long bao also no standard. they sit each one in a small little metal foil dish so that the bottom of the bao will not leak out the soup. which means the skin is not well made. or else they cooked them in advance, also not a proper thing to do.

last time going to mayim. and i live real close to west mall. pity.

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