Why You Should Feel Proud To Be A Singaporean

Singapore National Day

Singapore may be just a tiny little red dot on the world map, but it is one of the best first-world cities and one of the most desirable city to live in.

We are so lucky to be Singaporeans, to hold the red passport that the world covets, and to have stability like no other – easy access to water and electricity, crime-free streets, great education systems, lots of good food…

As our nation is celebrating her birthday soon, here’s Why You Should Feel Proud To Be A Singaporean.


10 Types Of Singaporean Diners You Will Meet Once In Your Life


Being in a food haven like Singapore allows us countless opportunities to encounter new dishes and experiment with local flavours while meeting new people. Being Singaporeans, we are bound to possess certain dining traits that make us truly Singaporean.

Take a look around you and you might just see these interesting habits in those closest to you. Ever been asked by foreign friends about how Singaporeans are like? Here’s a sneak peek into some of the dining etiquettes that most Singaporean diners possess!

Here are the 10 Types Of Singaporean Diners You Will Meet Once In Your Life.