10 Types Of Singaporean Diners You Will Meet Once In Your Life


Being in a food haven like Singapore allows us countless opportunities to encounter new dishes and experiment with local flavours while meeting new people. Being Singaporeans, we are bound to possess certain dining traits that make us truly Singaporean.

Take a look around you and you might just see these interesting habits in those closest to you. Ever been asked by foreign friends about how Singaporeans are like? Here’s a sneak peek into some of the dining etiquettes that most Singaporean diners possess!

Here are the 10 Types Of Singaporean Diners You Will Meet Once In Your Life.


These people are usually the ones who would provide us with the exact sum to pay at the end of the meal. Trust them to whip out their handy calculators to divide the bill down to the last cent – GST and service charge included! They are also usually the ones who will know of exclusive dining discounts and privileges, so do check with them often!

Lobster Laksa


The Sharers are the ones who will never fail to offer their bowl of Laksa or a piece of their gorgeously executed steak to their friends or loved ones. They are always the first ones to share, and the last to ask for anything in return. It is usually through these kind souls that we get to try the rest of the other items on the menu!


When it comes to The Diva, cafes and restaurants should brace themselves for some serious nitpicking! Extra gravy smudge? Plate with a chipped corner? Water not being topped up regularly? The Divas will be the ones to kick up a fuss over the smallest details and seem to have a liking for meet-and-greet sessions with restaurant managers.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat


As the name suggests, these people are, well, very motherly. They will be the first ones who would fill your plates to the brim, and are always going around to check if you’ve had enough to eat. Everyone loves going for BBQ or steamboat sessions with them as they would be the ones to cook and feed everyone with an endless supply of food! We do wish for our other halves to be like this, since the key to the heart, as they say, is through the stomach!


When we dine with the Phone Addicts, they are often seen having their heads burrowed in their phones, scrolling through social media platforms or chatting with someone else instead of engaging in a conversation with us. We know that you cannot get enough of your friends or cannot stop checking your Instagram, but many times, we wish that you would shower us with more attention because, well, we asked you out for a reason, right?

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These are the people whom you would hear saying, “I want to eat Char Kway Teow but I do not like it when they do not pluck the tip of my bean sprouts”. Or, “I am craving for a good cuppa, but I am also yearning for something cold and more refreshing”.

Yes, ’nuff said.


One way to combat these people: look up the cafe or restaurant menu online and send it to them before you meet. That way, they will have ample time to decide what they want to order before the meal. Sometimes, it really kills the mood to dine with the indecisive ones especially when you are on an empty stomach or are already one step away from fainting.



The FOMOs, or also known as Fear Of Missing Out. Those who have had buffets, you will know what we mean. These are the ones who would arrive right before the buffet commences and would start by piling food on their plates, even if it looks impossible to finish, just so that they do not miss out on anything.


Alas, the ones that can be spotted almost everywhere! Friends dining with the Instagrammers, please be warned to not touch anything until they are done with snapping a hundred and one pictures.

And do not be alarmed if they stand up and start rearranging everything on the table! These people have attained a certain level of courage and are often oblivious to the stares and glares of fellow diners while they are trying to get that perfect shot in whichever way possible.

Just when you think they are done – oh, wait! Here comes SnapChat!



But of course, we have the ones who cannot do without some booze. Wherever you are dining at and whatever cuisine you are eating, they need their alcohol. Period. Sake with sushi? Sure. Wine with steak? Anytime. Tiger Beer with Chicken Rice? Bring it on. Alcohol all day, every day.

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