Calories In 10 Popular Hawker Drinks In Singapore – Kopi, Milo Dinosaur, Sugar Cane

Hawker Drink

So everyone knows that a plate of chicken rice is about 700 calories and that a laksa is not far away from that number – but who really knows how much of a punch that sugar cane drink can add to your meal?

We find out how many calories there are in popular hawker drinks in Singapore such as kopi, grass jelly, bandung, soya bean drink, milo dinosaur and more.


5 Easy Ways To Exercise (And Burn Calories) While Travelling On Holiday

Las Ramblas

Hands up, those of you who try to watch what you eat every day but pig out once your two feet touches foreign soil. And who could blame you? Trying out the local cuisine of a new city is such an important part of travelling!

If you, like me, hate coming back to reality and seeing that you’ve gain a couple of kilos, check out these five easy ways to exercise while on holiday, to mitigate the waistline damage. We’ve included a simple guide on how much calories you can burn for each activity.


12 Types of Diners in Your Social Group

Different Diners

Singaporeans bond over food – fact. When you and your friends meet up, you’re almost always catching up at a restaurant. Now, different people display different behaviour when they’re out eating. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek article about the 12 types of diners in your social group – which one are you?


8 Tips on How to Read Nutritional Labels

Tips on Nutritional Laberls

Not enough people know what to look out for in ingredient lists and nutritional labels. It’s crucial that you do, because that little box tells you exactly what is going into your body. More importantly, you find out whether the health claims of a product holds.

So here are 8 tips on how to read nutritional labels – you’ll be able to make better decisions at the supermarkets after this!


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