Calories In 10 Popular Hawker Drinks In Singapore – Kopi, Milo Dinosaur, Sugar Cane

Hawker Drink

So everyone knows that a plate of chicken rice is about 700 calories and that a laksa is not far away from that number – but who really knows how much of a punch that sugar cane drink can add to your meal?

We find out how many calories there are in popular hawker drinks in Singapore such as kopi, grass jelly, bandung, soya bean drink, milo dinosaur and more.


#1 KOPI (194G)

The morning caffeine hit of choice for many Singaporeans, young or old. It’s a concoction of strong brewed ground coffee mixed with condensed milk.

Calorie count of Kopi: 113


#2 KOPI-O (194G)

Instead of condensed milk, the black coffee is sweetened with sugar. It is much lighter in calories than Kopi.

Calorie count of Kopi-O: 66


#3 TEH (260G)

A strong, fragrant black tea mixed with condensed milk.

Calorie count of Teh: 153


#4 TEH-O (255G)

Just the tea with sugar – no milk! This is the lowest-calorie drink, out of all the entries on this list.

Calorie count of Teh-O: 64


#5 BANDUNG (250G)

This pink creation is made with rose syrup and evaporated milk, creating a sweet, floral-scented, milky delight.

Calorie count of Bandung: 158

Fresh lime juice


A refreshing, zingy drink that’s a favourite complement to a heavy zi char meal. Often has loads of sugar added into it to balance out the tartness.

Calorie count of fresh Lime Juice: 160

Soya bean drink


The drink is made by soaking and cooking soya beans, before blending it and straining the mixture to get the milk.

Calorie count of Soya Bean Drink: 158

Grass jelly drink


You often get served this in a giant glass mug at the hawker centres. It’s made up of syrup and slivers of light-tasting grass jelly.

Calorie count of Grass Jelly Drink: 75

Milo dinosaur


Who doesn’t love a milo dinosaur? A cold, chocolate malt drink mixed with condensed milk, and then heaped with an extra tablespoon of milo.

Calorie count of Milo Dinosaur: 270

Sugar Cane drink


This drink comes by squeezing out the liquid storedd in the fibres of a sugar cane plant.

Calorie count of Sugar Cane Drink: 126


As you can see, these drinks here (especially the cold ones), can add a significant number of calories to your meal.

Jaclyn Reutens, clinical dietitian at nutrition consultancy Aptima Nutrition & Sports Consultants, says, “The calories of these drinks come mainly from sugar, found in the condensed milk, syrup and pure white sugar. To enjoy our local creations without feeling too guilty, always ask for less sugar or a ‘less sweet’ drink.

Ordering it with a meal will also help neutralise the spikes in your blood sugar level when these drinks enter your body. If you have frequent spikes, you’ll crave more sweet drinks and food. Apart from the teh and kopi that most of us need for our daily caffeine fix, try to limit the other drinks to less than twice a week.”

About the writer:
Ruby Tan used to write for Her World, and is now a freelance writer with a dream to travel the world. She believes that the some of best things in life don’t have to be bought.

Calorie count provided by Jaclyn Reutens. Illustrations for ladyironchef by Anna.