13 Popular Overseas Dining Concepts That Opened In Singapore In 2016

Singapore Dining Concepts 2016

Singaporeans live for great food, and we are not ashamed of it. Even when we travel, we have a list of go-to places – famous cafes, Michelin-star restaurants and what-have-you.

We know too well those moments when indulging in BAKE Cheese Tarts on the streets of Tokyo and enjoying a pizza in PizzaExpress in London, and wondering when would be the next we could savour them again.

Luckily for us, Singapore has more and more international brands setting foot on our shores, and we are infinitely closer to satisfying all our cravings.

Now, let us take a look at the 13 Popular Overseas Dining Concepts That Opened In Singapore in 2016. READ ON

Popbar Singapore – The Famed Popsicle Store From The U.S. Is Opening In Singapore


Popbar, the famed popsicle store from The U.S., is opening in Singapore at Plaza Singapura.

You have seen gelatos on cones and in cups, but have you seen them on sticks before? Popbar is  known for their cute, rainbow-hued popsicle sticks.

We tried Popbar’s popsicle when we were in New York City and trust us when we say that they taste as good as they look. With the opening of Popbar in Singapore, there is no need to fly all the way to the States to have a taste of these Insta-famous popsicles.


15 Hyped Up Dining Concepts From Around The World That Opened in Singapore in 2015

Dazzling Cafe

It has been a great year for Singapore, with many world-renowned brands picking this humble city of ours and setting foot on our shores. Foodies who reside on our sunny island are definitely happy to welcome them all, and now that we get to spoil ourselves with (more) food options, we are happy souls.

Singapore’s food culture has always been strong, and with these international brands spouting out in our city, it has propelled Singapore’s reputation and made us more significant on the world map.

Of the 15 Most Hyped Up Brands to Come to Singapore in 2015, which are your favourites? From photogenic Taiwanese desserts to a large-scale superhero cafe concept, our city is nothing short of exciting.


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