Guide to Greenwood Avenue Restaurants Singapore

Greenwood Avenue Restaurants

After coming up with Guides to Holland Village, Chip Bee Garden, and Dempsey Road restaurants, I have been thinking: where’s next? I want to blog about a dining area which is not known to most, and hopefully it will encourage you to check it out.

The stretch of Greenwood Avenue restaurants immediately came to mind: a) there’s a good mix of Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Western restaurant, b) the restaurants at Greenwood Avenue are nice for a quiet dinner away from the city and c) not many people have been there before.

Here’s a complete guide to the Greenwood Avenue Restaurants:

8 Greenwood Ave Singapore
Tel: +65 6219 9151

Cafe Iguana //Now closed

Sometimes, it can get a little boring when we are always having French, Italian or Japanese food. One of my new year resolutions is to be more adventurous and try out some exotic cuisine that I have never tried before – Mexican food at Cafe Iguana is definitely next on the agenda!

12 Greenwood Avenue Singapore
Tel: +65 6462 1533

Chat Masala Too!

The Singapore Food & Beverage industry is a very difficult place to survive in – restaurants open and close all the time. When I walked past Chat Masala Too restaurant after my dinner at Greenwood fish market, the Indian restaurant was completely empty for the night. If you are a fan of the Indian food there, I think you need to get some friends down to support them before it’s too late.

18 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6762 2133

Caipirinha Restaurant

Donna Carmela/Caipirinha

From what I understand, Donna Carmela and Caipirinha belong under the same owner, with the former being an Italian restaurant and the latter serving Brazilian churrascaria.

2 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6463 4206

Greenwood Fish Market

When I went to Greenwood Fish Market three years ago, I had the best fish and chips in my life! Is the fish and chips still as good? Wait for my next post, I will be blogging about the supposedly “best fish and chips in Singapore” (from my memory).

34 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6467 4950

La Braceria Pizza and Grill

Positioned directly at the back of Greenwood is Greendale Avenue, there’s La Braceria Pizza and grill. I actually missed it when I was there, and only came to know about it after coming across the restaurant online.

5 Greendale Avenue Singapore
Tel: +65 6465 5918

Lana Cake Shop

Lana Cake Shop


I can foresee that this will probably be one of my biggest regret in life. Okay, I shall make an order for the legendary chocolate cake from Lana Cake Shop soon!

Get me a slice of the lana chocolate cake, and I will love you forever!

36 Greenwood Avenue Singapore
Tel: +65 6466 8940

Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria

Having heard good things about Peperoni Pizzeria, this is definitely the next restaurant at Greenwood Avenue that I want to try.

6 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6465 6556

Punggol Choon Seng Seafood Restaurant

The Chinese seafood restaurant seems a little out of place in Greenwood Avenue, but hey, if you are craving for some Chinese seafood, here’s the place for you.

14 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6465 4621

Raku Japanese Restaurant & Bar

I’m not too sure if you will go all the way to Greenwood Avenue for Raku Japanese restaurant since they have another branch in Holland Village. With that being the only deciding factor, I’d probably go for the Japanese ala carte buffet at Shin Yuu Japanese restaurant instead.

10 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6219 9447

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
16 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6763 4939

The Wagon Wheel
22 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6469 3688

* * *

Now, who says that there’s no good food in the West of Singapore? Holland Village, Chip Bee Garden, and Greenwood Avenue are all located in the West. There are actually plenty of nice restaurants and cafes in the west if you know where to find them.

Tell me, which is your favorite restaurant at Greenwood Avenue, and which one are you going to try next?

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