Popbar Singapore – The Famed Popsicle Store From The U.S. Is Opening In Singapore


Popbar, the famed popsicle store from The U.S., is opening in Singapore at Plaza Singapura.

You have seen gelatos on cones and in cups, but have you seen them on sticks before? Popbar is  known for their cute, rainbow-hued popsicle sticks.

We tried Popbar’s popsicle when we were in New York City and trust us when we say that they taste as good as they look. With the opening of Popbar in Singapore, there is no need to fly all the way to the States to have a taste of these Insta-famous popsicles.

The store will be housed in Plaza Singapura, and from what we understand, it is set to open within the next few weeks.

Popbar’s logic is simple – creating tasty popsicles that don’t go high on calories. Their handcrafted ice cream are both gluten and lactose-free, and there are even vegan options available as well!

Popbar NYC

You pick your desired flavour, then choose to have it naked or dipped. We say naked is not always the best because the dips at Popbar are aplenty and there are so many ways to dress your popsicle up!

In America, some of their popular favourites include the Green Tea ice cream half-dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. We hope we will get to see their pop Sorbetto flavours in Singapore store as well!

Popbar encourages customisation, so you can choose to have your popsicles as they are, or top them with chocolate sauces, coconut flakes and whatnot. The topping options are aplenty.

We were also told that Popbar will be launching some more local flavours especially for its Singapore outpost.

Keep your eyes peeled for Popbar’s opening in Singapore.

Popbar Singapore
Plaza Singapura #B2-64
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Nearest Station: Dhoby Ghaut