Here’s Why You Should Visit Japan During Cherry Blossoms Period

Japan Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Japan are a phenomenal sight. It is the kind of moments that will stay forever etched in your hearts and minds, and it will make you crave for more.

‘Hanami’ is the activity of cherry blossoms viewing, and it happens annually in Japan. The full bloom periods differ from city to city, but the average bloom period is one week and slightly more, if you are lucky.

Visitors from all over the world plan the trips way in advance based on forecasts, in hopes to catch a glimpse of Japan’s prettiest flowers in its full bloom. And if you are thinking that just seeing the flowers alone doesn’t sound all too exciting, you are very wrong.

From rowing a boat in the parks to indulging in cherry blossoms delicacies, Here’s Why You Should Visit Japan During Cherry Blossoms Period. It is an experience that you will never forget.


Cherry Blossoms In Japan 2017 Forecast – Where & When To See Them

Cherry Blossom

Hanami in Japan, or Cherry Blossom viewing, is one that we look forward to every year; and we believe it is the same for you.

During that short couple of weeks, one of the world’s most coveted flower displays awaits—the blooming of Japan’s spellbindingly beautiful Sakura. They happen all around Japan at different periods of time, and that means hanami in several different cities and places.

Sakura is synonymous with Japan, and if you haven’t experienced hanami, you are missing out in life. Nothing feels quite as ethereal as marvelling at the beauty of these stunning flowers. Each blossoming period lasts for an average of two weeks, and the cherry blossoms look best on the final week of blooming, where they are at their fullest.

Every year, many flock to Japan just for hanami, and you might want to plan and book your trip early to avoid disappointment. Here, we share with you the Forecast for Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017—Where & When To See Them.


7 Non-Japanese Cities Where You Can See Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Seoul

While Japan is the most popular destination for viewing cherry blossoms in full blooms, do you know that many other cities outside of Japan also offer you the same opportunity to admire the natural phenomena?

Yes, hanami is not just restricted to Japan only. You have more options around the globe, surely – against different backdrops, in various time zones, and with different people.

From Hang Zhou to Washington DC, read on to learn about the 7 Non-Japanese Cities You Can Visit To See Cherry Blossoms. Some of them might be even nearer to your hometown than Japan is!


Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2016 Forecast And Where To See Them

Cherry Bloom 2016

There is nothing more spectacular than the spellbindingly beautiful sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Countless of tourists flock to Japan every spring for a visual feast of these gorgeous sakuras – they call it ‘Hanami’ – and the novelty never gets old. Indeed, natives themselves remain equally in awe of this natural phenomena despite its annual occurrence.

Till date, local Japanese still cultivate the centuries-old practice Hanami. Renowned for its metaphorical meaning of the ephemeral nature of life, cherry blossoms are deeply integrated in Japanese arts and culture. In fact, they are commonly featured in many classic poetries, movies and even food!

It is important to note that the cherry blossom period varies yearly across Japan. The dates largely depend on predicted weather forecasts. Based on the past few years’ trends, this guide will serve as a forecast to the approximate dates for Cherry Blossoms periods in 2016 across five popular Japanese cities – namely Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka.


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