How To Avoid Tourists Scams – Be Smart and Don’t Fall For These Old Tricks

Tourist Scams

New to a particular country? Don’t let the possibility of being hustled burst your bubble of excitement. Con artists have upped their game in recent years, from expert pickpockets to cabs who stealthily zoom off with your valuables to swindlers who offer you free stuff… and then demand you pay a hefty price.

Sometimes it’s tough to climb over the language barriers and familiarise yourself with the cultural differences, so you end up falling prey to shrewd thieves and their sneaky schemes. Sadly, this is a problem that won’t go away anytime soon, so the best thing you can do is get savvy and guard yourself against tricks of any kind.

Here are some tips to help you steer clear of tourist rip-offs.


5 Reasons To Travel Off The Beaten Track


You’re probably tired of hearing this travel buzzword, but bear with us for a minute. First of all, what does off the beaten track actually mean to you? For some, it could be traveling to world famous destinations but forgoing iconic landmarks in favour of searching for hidden shops and hole-in-the-wall bars or chasing after whispers of locally-loved restaurants not mentioned in any guidebooks.

For others, it could be scrapping popular vacation spots completely and hunting down the most secret, isolated places that could very well land you right smack in the middle of nowhere – miles away from any annoying traveler and ridiculously expensive tourist rip-offs.

Whichever way you choose – despite transport inefficiencies, language barriers and any other obstacles you might encounter – you’ll often discover an enriching experience waiting for you when you venture away from the footsteps of others and pave your own way.

Here are 5 reasons why you should veer off the well-trodden path.


5 Things to Note When Choosing Your Travel Partner

Travel Partners

Upon returning from Melbourne, my friend recounted to me over dinner how the long awaited graduation trip with her good friend turned out to be a letdown because of their extremely different travelling styles.

Such stories of disappointing holiday trips are not uncommon. As we travel more in the company of friends nowadays, many of us have come to the unfortunate realisation that not all good friends make good travel partners. Understanding that different people have different travelling styles and habits goes a long way in helping us to pick the right travel partners and ensuring our trips go as smoothly as possible.

Here are 5 things to note when choosing your travel partner.


Top 10 Must-Have Travel Items

Essential Travel Items

So you love to travel, but you hate packing. We get it. Sometimes it can be quite a hassle – especially when you can’t decide what to stuff into your already-overflowing suitcase and what to reluctantly leave out. Plus, it gets worse when you start to experience that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something of absolute importance. Obviously, passports, travel documents and cash are a no-brainer – but to be prepared, take full advantage of the limited space you have.

So here’s our checklist of top 10 essential travel items and accessories that will make your life that much easier, as well as save time and money.


5 Things Travel Teaches you That You Won’t Learn in School

Travelling Life Lessons

Travel is the best education there is out there. Sure, you learn all sorts of important skills in school, there’s no discounting that, but travel offers you life experience in leaps and bounds. The lessons you discover about yourself, others and the world while traveling are incomparable to what you learn while sitting in a classroom. From weekend trips to month-long stays to a year of backpacking, there are life-defining moments etched into your journey when you leave the comfort of home to step into the unknown.

Here are 5 things you’ll learn while traveling that classes in school won’t teach you.


Top 20 Budget Travel Tips to See The World

20 Budget Travel Tips

Traveling is exciting and fun – you get to discover a whole new world out there – but it’s also costly and can burn a hole in your pocket pretty fast. Plane tickets, accommodation, transport and food are just the tip of the iceberg – pile on exploratory activities and shopping sprees, and you’ll be watching your savings dwindle away in no time. So if you want to fulfil your globetrotting dreams without breaking the bank, read on for the top 20 tips on how to travel on a budget.


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