7 Practical Reasons On Why You Should Not Check In Your Luggage


Most travellers succumb to checking in their belongings and as a result, they lose a significant amount of precious time waiting at the luggage carousel and are unable to take public buses or trains with their bulky baggage. It is honestly hard to convince people to ditch the idea of check-in baggage but trust us, the privileges on travelling without check-in bags are awesome.

From saving money on budget carriers to the ease of changing flight itineraries, here are 7 Practical Reasons On Why You Should Not Check In Your Luggage the next time you go on a relatively short trip under 10 days.

You will feel beyond liberated with less on your hand and you will never want to check in your baggage again after understanding its perks.


7 Travel Costs Reduction Tips That You Probably Did Not Know About

Travel Tips

The biggest setback most travellers face is usually finance related. But did you know that there are many ways you can cut back on the seemingly hefty amount? All you need is to channel a little more energy and you will be surprised by how the amount of money you can save!

From buying unwanted tickets at heavily discounted prices to getting free accommodation, travelling is now made so much more affordable than before. We want to share with you useful travel tips on how you can still board the plane to your dream city.

So without further ado, here are 7 Useful Travel Costs Reduction Tips That You Probably Did Not Know About!


7 Tips on How You Can Still Travel Often With A Full-Time Job


Here’s a piece of news to travel lovers – you do not have to leave your full-time job to pursue your innate wanderlust. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to abandon their families and financial securities to chase their travel desires. Having said that, we want Singaporeans to know that they can still travel, even when working full-time.

When it comes to travelling, full-time workers in Singapore will find that time is the number one issue they face. Yet, there is a significant group of savvy travellers who are still constantly traveling despite the dedication to their established careers. It is no secret – they have great time management skills, make no excuses and plan in advance!

Before you complain about the impossibility of traveling due to your limited annual leave, read our 7 Tips on How You Can Still Travel With A Full-Time Job.


10 Signs You Are A Wanderluster


With a strong innate desire to explore, wanderlusters are lured by the thrills of discovering new places and will seize any travel opportunities presented to them. These explorers have been bitten by the travel bug and have an insatiable desire for more travels.

Do you find yourself constantly making plans for your next overseas getaway while everyone else is busy arranging activities for the weekend? Are you often on the hunt for the next flight out of your current city of residence and spending all your savings on travels?


Travel Made Different – A Travel Platform To Help With All Your Holiday Itineraries

Central Park

Travel Made Different has really made our travels different. Are you tired of skimming through lengthy online travel reviews to pick out the best recommendations there are to check out? Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and/or Pinterest to gain inspiration for your next vacation?

With the launch of NTUC Income’s new online platform, Travel Made Different, travellers can now plan their upcoming holidays in Pinterest style and export their visual itineraries to their smartphones.

Travel Made Different

These days, travellers are no longer satisfied with mundane touristy activities. Instead, they are looking for local experiences and hidden gems during their travels. More than these, planning the itinerary is part of the fun of the holiday itself.

And that is why Travel Made Different embraces this trend, and should be everyone’s go-to platform when we plan our itineraries.


How To Decide Where To Go For Your Next Holiday

Brighton Beach Bath House

So many places to visit, so little time. Ugh, we feel you. First world problems, right? The world’s your pearly little oyster and you feel your wanderlust starting to tickle, but you have absolutely no idea where to next.

Should you fly halfway across the globe to immerse yourself in the bright lights of glittering cities? Or put on your adventure cap for a nearby journey to see some of nature’s finest?

You could just make a list of your top few destinations and then narrow them down from there… But what should you take into consideration? Which elements carry more weight than others? We’ve got tips at hand for you to zero in from endless possibilities to the one.


12 Cost-Saving Travel Tips for Your Next Holiday to Europe

Europe Travel Guide

Europe is an extremely popular continent to travel to, and whenever we think of taking a big holiday, Europe is the top-of-mind destination.

Whether you are looking to plan a shopping trip at Paris and London or an Italian escapade, or anywhere else in that fascinating continent that has so much history, cultures and lifestyles to offer, planning a big trip may not be easy. There may be hidden costs that you never knew of, or miscalculations of supposed savings.

Italy Cinque Terre

For first-timers to Europe, this guide will help you make more efficient and effective planning. If you have been traveling to Europe, can you resonate with these points and could you have saved more if you abided by these cost-saving tips for a holiday to Europe?


10 Important Things To Note Before Travelling To Europe

Travelling to Europe

A trip to Europe is always an exciting one to look forward to. From jaw-dropping landscapes to majestic structures (seriously, I can never get how detailed some of the buildings are, especially when they were built without the technology we’ve got today), each holiday there feels like a unique adventure. So make your trip a fruitful one with these 10 things to note before travelling to Europe.


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