Honolulu Café Is Now Open in Singapore – Here’s What To Expect

Honolulu Cafe Singapore

Famous Hong Kong cha chaan teng Honolulu Café has officially opened its inaugural international outpost in Singapore and we had the honour to savour their menu firsthand just a few hours ago.

Local chefs from Hong Kong’s Honolulu Café are also sent to Singapore to ensure that the dishes served here remain similar to the flagship store’s.

Honolulu Café was founded in Hong Kong during the 1940s, where it started out as a humble eatery selling coffee, tea and baked confectionery. The casual eatery is renowned for their scrumptious egg tarts, pineapple buns and Hong Kong milk tea – we are glad that we no longer have to board a four-hour flight just to satisfy our cravings!


Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine – The World’s First Hello Kitty-Themed Dim Sum Restaurant

hello kitty chinese cuisine hong kong

Who else besides Hello Kitty is five apples tall and has no mouth? The Japanese Sanrio character has stolen the hearts of generations across the globe since its debut a few decades ago, and today, Hello Kitty is a world-famous icon and very well-loved.

Cutesy Hello Kitty-themed cafes are already sprouting across Asia, with another kawaii Hello Kitty-themed cafe set to open in Singapore Changi Airport next month. Evidently, the world just cannot seem to get enough of this Japanese cat with no mouth.

If you thought that the restaurant industry would halt at just Hello Kitty cakes and coffees, you are absolutely wrong. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, the World’s Very First Hello Kitty-Themed Dim Sum Restaurant has taken Hong Kong by storm and is a must-visit for all avid fans.


Singapore’s First Hello Kitty Café To Open In May 2016

Hello Kitty

All hail the cat without mouth; Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore’s first Hello Kitty Cafe is opening at Changi Airport Terminal 3 in May 2016!

For so long now, we have been pinning for a Hello Kitty cafe in Singapore, and though some may argue that it is but a gimmick, many of us are suckers for thematic cafes like that. Just take a look at the various Hello Kitty cafes in Asia, and how “atmospheric” in their own ways they are. Surely this is something for fans to be excited about?

What makes it even better is that the café will be open for 24 hours daily. Hello Kitty cakes for supper, anyone?


HungryGoWhere Online Reservations Kicks Off The 3+1 March Buffet Madness Deal

Jade HGW

March is the month of buffets and here is a great reason to treat yourself and your dining kakis to a well-deserved food fest. HungryGoWhere Online Reservations starts the month of March 2016 right with their monthly exclusive perks, and just strictly for this month, they have introduced a brand new promotion – the 3+1 March Buffet Madness Deal.

A total of 25 different restaurants are participating in this deal and they range from different cuisine types to difference price points.

For this deal, the fourth person dines free with every three paying adults – so essentially, four people can split the cost of three. This significant discount is only available with reservations made through HungryGoWhere Online Reservations on the HungryGoWhere website or through the mobile app.

The 3+1 March Buffet Madness Deal will run from 01 to 31 March 2016.


Hungrygowhere Online Reservations’ Exclusive Dining Deals For Feb and Mar 2016

restaurant ember

Time flies. It has been almost two months into 2016 and we hope you have been sticking to your new year financial resolutions! While dining out is undoubtedly a costly affair in Singapore, the amount can actually be significantly reduced when using HungryGoWhere Online Reservations – the special dining discounts that they offer are seriously awesome.

This February and March, diners can purchase a S$1 main dish if they order a Fish Boat at Nan Hwa FishBoat and enjoy 15% off their total bill at Restaurant Ember. These perks are only applicable if you make a restaurant booking via HungryGoWhere Website or Mobile App. READ ON

How To DIY Fun & Simple Ice Popsicle At Home – Great For Summer Parties

Ice Popsicles Recipe

Ice popsicles are our best friends in summer. They are refreshing, often pretty, and very satisfying.

Do you know they are one of the easiest things to prepare? Quite contrary to the funny recipes you see online with a hundred steps, we actually live by some simple recipes that do not require over-the-top ingredients and harder-than-rocket-science instructions.

In our tropical climate, it is always important to keep your bodies hydrated and popsicles are probably one of the best remedies. If you are health-conscious, we have a recipe using only fresh fruits, with no added sugar. If you’re a chocolate-addict, we have a special popsicle made from pure chocolate fudge.

Here is our take on How To DIY Fun & Simple Ice Popsicle At Home!


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