HARRY Hedgehog Cafe – Sip Teas And Pet Adorable Little Hedgehogs

HARRY Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo RoppongiPhoto Credit: globalnews.ca

Tokyo has an abundance of animal cafes. Cat cafes, owl cafes, bunny cafes – you name it, the city probably has it. And now, you can spend your afternoon petting adorable hedgehogs at the HARRY Hedgehog Cafe And Pet Store!

Opened in early 2016 and situated in Roppongi, HARRY Hedgehog Cafe is the newest addition to the animal cafes scene in Japan. The charming little cafe is home to a number of hedgehogs. Sip tea while cozying up to these tiny creatures; you can even feed them!

HARRY is a play on ‘harinezumi‘, the Japanese word for hedgehog. The cafe is housed in a building together with another bunny cafe located on the third floor.

Take a peek at the hedgehogs and the space they call their home. Pick the one(s) you like and the staff will bring them out of the enclosures and into boxes or baskets for you to pet.

Harry Hedgehog Cafe FeedingPhoto Credit: Rocket News 24

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also feed the little animals! Mealworms are available for sale for the mini critters starting from ¥510 (S$6.73).

Because hedgehogs are naturally jittery animals, it is advised that you gently scoop them out of the boxes or baskets with steady hands, and be sure to not make any sudden jerky movements lest you give the animals a shock.

HARRY Hedgehog Cafe TokyoPhoto Credit: Rocket News 24

The cafe does not serve food, but you can still help yourself to drinks such as tea on self-service.

HARRY Hedgehog Cafe also doubles up as a pet store! They sell appropriate equipment such as cages, food and other supplies that you might possibly need to care for a hedgehog.

The cafe is often populated, so making a reservation for weekends and public holidays is advised. Entry into the cafe is also chargeable, starting from ¥1,000 (S$13.17) per person for every 30 minutes on weekdays, and ¥1,300 (S$17.13) on weekends.

HARRY Hedgehog Cafe And Pet Store
Roppongi 6-7-2
2F IWAHORI Building
Tokyo, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3404-8100
Daily: 12pm – 9pm
Nearest Station: Roppongi