Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant Hong Kong

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant

My girlfriend and I are big steak lovers and we always make it a point to check out good steak restaurants in every city that we visit. During a recent trip to Hong Kong, we had a very very good steak at Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant, a meathouse that sources its meat from farms that do not compromise on quality, and hang the meat in-house using age-old recipes together with modern techniques.


Bangkok’s Cheap Thai Massage Places

Bangkok Cheap Massage

Thai massage is well-loved by the world, and among all the different massages, it is our favourite because it focuses on every part of the body, firm and strong at the core parts, and our bodies always feels a lot lighter after each session.

There are many cheap massage parlours in Bangkok – you can almost find one on every street and every corner – but not all of them are good. Here is a list of our favourite cheap massage places in Bangkok.


The Beginners’ Guide to Spa

Spa Guide

So, what is ‘spa’?

If you google it, or flip some textbooks, you will get the boring and typical stuff like spa is derived from the Latin term “Salus Per Aquam”, spa is “healing through water”… but if you ask me, spa is simply a necessary indulgence in life. Gone are the days when we only pay our masseur a visit once a year (or two); gone are the days when spa is so unreachable that only the rich and famous can enjoy.

Today, as we live in a cosmopolitan world and deal with so much stress, a spa session is very much needed and essential for our health and well-being. And with the spa scene around the world evolving and always scaling new highs, you will only be spoilt with options. Here is a Beginners Guide to Spa where we talk more about some of the basic spa etiquettes and various treatments.


Best Eats in Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh Best Eats

Mention the words “Malaysia” and “Food” in the same sentence, and people usually think of Penang, or perhaps Kuala Lumpur. Well, the next time you are visiting Malaysia and driving from KL to Penang, why not make a stop at Ipoh? This quiet town has, surprisingly, much to offer, especially in terms of food. At practically every turn and junction, you will find quaint coffee shops that are crowded throughout the day. The local dishes offered at these places are quite generic, but having tried several places during my stay, I can vouch for the overall high standard of food at cheap prices throughout Ipoh.

Amongst the numerous dishes we tried, the following is a list of the 5 best eats in Ipoh.


Behind the scenes at Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Learning Jourmey

Traveling is part of our job at Ladyironchef, and our lodging changes from one hotel to another. Many times, we check in to luxurious rooms and suites – big beds with pressed sheets, clean and vacuumed floors, a mini bar full of drinks and snacks… and sometimes, we take for granted all that are put in place nicely for our experience.

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes? How are your rooms cleaned? How does the hotel facilitate the numerous check-ins and check-outs daily? Sometimes, we would stop and talk with housekeeping staff when we bump into them along the corridors, but all that we could learn and understand from such transient conversations are but superficial information.

This month, we had the privilege to attend a tour behind the scenes of Sheraton Towers, and learned in-depth the various backend procedures and systems. And because it was such an educational and enriching tour, we would like to share some insights with you.


Guide to Singapore’s Best Ramen

Best Ramen

Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese food for a reason. It is not only comforting and delicious, but also relatively affordable. We are very lucky that there are many good ramen shops in Singapore which are as good as the ones that you can find in Japan.

Here is a guide to the best ramen in Singapore.


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